Bob hairstyles

From ancient times, bob hairstyles were among most women preferences when it came to arrange their hair somehow, because they express elegance, attitude and personality. They are never considered out of fashion, moreover, more and more women feel free to experiment bob hairstyles, whether they are 18 years old or over 50. In the last few years, bob trends addressed more mature women. Nevertheless, the fashion tips for teens have ranked the bob as one of the most popular hairstyles among teenager girls.

Celebrities are the most supportive of bob hairstyles, from the short ones, to the longer one that almost lose their shape among the other longer locks. Maybe you feel some interest towards the history of this famous hairstyle and the people that invented it.

It appears that it has been invented during the first world war, that means between 1914 and 1918. Those difficult times led women to more responsibilities and less time to take care of themselves. Short haircuts are easier to style and they are also very elegant. The bob was a great option for most of them, because they no longer had to waste time in order to obtain a beautiful look. Fortunately, one of the plus points of this hairstyle is that it allows you to save up a lot of time.

After women have been given the right to vote, they felt more free and self-confident and this mood reflected through the length of their hair. They preferred the short highlights, with no constraints. Of all women’s short hairstyles, the bob has to have been the most successful, seeing how it survived to this day and became one of those timeless styles that we’ll keep seeing in the future as well.

However, short haircuts are recommended for the women who have beautiful necks. Long bobs are to be worn for women with round faces, because they put their facial traits into a positive and impressive light. Also, if you happen to have thin hair, we suggest you to try one of the bob hairstyles.

On the other hand, if you happen to be one of those women with beautiful curly hair and would like to have such a hairstyle, our suggestion is to ask your stylist to cut in the end of your locks and to bring some texture to them.

For the women with fine hair, our advice is to try a “graduated bob”, that means your bob has different dimensions that get longer and longer from the back to the front. Your head will look like a ball and this effect will make you more self-confident.

As you could see, bob hairstyles are nice to have and easy to maintain. Their history is also interesting and inspiring in the meantime, because they allow you to understand what women wanted and felt when they chose to change their look. Bob hairstyle bring self-fulfillment, self-confidence and success. This is why bobs are so popular when it comes to
fashion tips for teens, as they help insecure young women fell more confident.

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