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Breast Implant Surgery? Here’s Everything That Could Go Wrong During and After

Like any other surgical intervention, breast implant patients may experience an array of complications. This usually happens when the patient relies on the services of an inexperienced surgeon. In many cases, patients choose to have similar interventions in countries like Brazil or even in Eastern Europe, in uncertified establishments. This is a dangerous move, as a plethora of complications might appear after the surgery. Below is more information on everything that could go wrong during and after breast implant interventions, when performed in uncertified establishments.

Risks associated with breast implant surgeries

Like any other type of surgical intervention, there are some risks and unfortunate outcomes associated with breast augmentation surgeries. Some of the most common are described below.

  • Capsular contracture, which is a type of surgical scar that constricts the implant.
  • Breast pain.
  • Rupture with deflation of the implant, in the case of saline-filled prosthetics.
  • Silent rupture, when there are no noticeable symptoms in the patient.
  • Additional surgeries to correct the problems occurred, which imply further pain and discomfort.

It’s worth noting the fact that these risks are minimal when you collaborate with an experienced team of plastic surgeons. These risks only emerge in the case of a dubious practitioner.

Complications of breast implant surgeries

Sometimes, there may appear complications and adverse outcomes of breast implant surgeries. The list below offers a compact description of those and some symptoms.

  • Breast asymmetry. The breasts look different from one another, either in shape or size or even placement.
  • Breast pain. Pain varying in severity in the nipple or breast area.
  • Capsular contracture. Is one of the most severe complications of breast augmentation intervention and it involves a contracture of the capsular tissue surrounding the breast implant.
  • Chest wall deformity. Another complication present in patients of breast augmentation interventions is chest wall deformity. In this complication, the chest wall of the underlying cavity appears to be deformed.
  • In this case, the wound site starts collecting blood and other fluids. This usually causes swelling, pain, bruising and a disturbing appearance of the implant.
  • Infections, including toxic shock syndrome. This condition usually occurs when the would is infected with different bacteria and other microorganisms. In severe cases, this results in the death of the patient or amputation, especially if the infection doesn’t respond to antibiotic treatment.
  • This usually occurs when the patient is exposed to a variety of factors, such as smoking, chemotherapy or excessive heat.

Besides the complications presented above, there are other complications patients may be subjected to if they don’t follow the medical advice offered previously and after the surgery. They may also occur if the patient’s surgeon is inexperienced or lacks the necessary knowledge or equipment. This is why you should always look for the services of the top breast augmentation surgeon in your area.

Additional surgeries after breast augmentation surgery complications

Breast implants have no lifetime warranty and as a result, replacement should be expected at some point. This would, obviously, involve additional surgeries. However, if the surgery is not a success from the start, the patient may be subjected to other surgical interventions right away. More than this, correcting surgeries cannot guarantee the patient that the implant will look like it should. Below are some of those additional surgeries necessary after improper or inefficient interventions.

  • Implant removal. In some cases, a replacement of the implant will be performed, but not necessarily.
  • Capsule removal or surgical release of the scar tissue formed around the implant.
  • Scar or wound revision at the surgery site.
  • Biopsy or cyst removal if such formations appeared after the intervention.
  • Repositioning of the implant, if the placement is a faulty one.
  • Hematoma drainage. This intervention involves puncturing the site with a needle and letting the blood and fluid accumulation to drain.

Although unpleasant, you should know that these interventions remove the risks associated with leaving a faulty implant at the site.

Things you should consider before getting a breast augmentation surgery

Before deciding to undergo a surgery like this, you have to assess some aspects. It’s very important that you fully understand what your expectations are, if they are realistic, and most importantly, the reasons behind your surgery. Below are some things that you want to consider before undergoing a surgery like this.

  • Consider the fact that breast implants have no lifetime warranty. You will have to have them removed or replaced at some point. It is mandatory to understand this matter because you will have to undergo similar interventions in the future, with the same discomfort, risks and expenses.
  • The longer you wait to have your breast implants removed, the higher are the chances of local complications.
  • Always assume that further surgeries will be necessary. These may appear as unpleasant adverse outcomes or simply to remove your initial implants in the future.
  • In many cases, the changes that appear at a breast level after such surgeries are aesthetically unpleasing, so keep this in mind.
  • If you cannot find a reliable surgeon, better avoid getting such interventions. The quality of the outcomes depends entirely on their skills and products and methods used.
  • You will have to undergo regular check-ups once you get your implants. Constant surveillance of your breasts will be necessary for the rest of your life.
  • You will most likely experience unpleasant effects on your natural breast tissue if you remove your implants but not replace them with others. Your breasts will most likely end up looking unappealing. Always replace your implants, but not simply remove.
  • If you have a risk of developing any type of cancer, pay attention to the rest of your life, as some complications might appear in such patients.

These are some important things that you should know before undergoing breast implant surgeries. If you choose to undergo this kind of surgery, always make sure to find a reliable plastic surgeon that works in a properly equipped clinic. Make sure to research the possible adverse reactions and complications.

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