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Brief Guide to Choosing the Best Mattress

We spend a third of our day sleeping in our beds to recover our energy and rest for another day of work – and this important process is something commonly overlooked. With so much to do and so little time – we forget how crucial sleep is to our bodies to increase productivity.

Nowadays there’s a million options of mattresses in the market, each one claiming the “best option” for your sleep, however, the quick and simple answer is: It varies from person to person.

You have to choose between a myriad of combinable options: different mattress sizes, materials and density, memory foam, latex, and so on.

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at the available options in the market to help you choose your “best option”.


Mattress size is the first thing people look for: from Twin size to California King, you will immediately feel the obvious difference.

The main take in this option is personal choice and needs. If you have a partner: choose Full Size and preferably Queen Mattress size or above so you don’t have to snuggle (or struggle) through the night.

The extra space granted by larger mattress sizes allows more space to move around and sleep normally instead of having to curl to fit in.

Material and Density

This section is where the biggest difference lies. Current developments have birthed hundreds of combinations with different results on each body. Sadly, you’ll have to try many of these combinations to find out which suits you.


The oldest technology of the bunch. A set of steel coils covered in padding and different materials serve as the support for the bed; this creates a firm bed that can contour and support the sleeper.

This traditional design is sought by those that prefer a firm and tight bed that will support your body – you won’t have that plummeting sensation when resting on this mattress.

Foam Mattress

Changing the base that supports and forms the mattress to foam instead of springs. The material can vary from polyurethane, viscoelastic foam, latex and gels. This technology started in 1990’s and has garnered great praise from the audience to the point that most large brands have dedicated to offer only Foam Mattresses.

Memory Foam

A type of foam mattress and the current lead in mattresses best sellers. Made of viscoelastic foams that retain the shape and contour of the body – this soft mattress hugs you while providing a firm support. This design is the recommended option, leading to better rests and quicker recoveries.

Hybrid Mattresses

A mix between memory foam and innerspring. A set of advanced coils as the base of the mattress and several layers of foams stacked on top. The result is a mattress that combines the sturdy and firmness of an innerspring with the shape adapting of memory foam.

Final Words

Reviews are mixed amongst mattress types, but the general consensus is going for memory foam or hybrid mattresses to improve your sleep.

The best advice you can take from this article – Don’t buy without trying first – certified sellers like Leesa offer up to 100 days to test the mattress, in case you’re not comfortable you can send it back for a full refund. However, with the quality of their beds, it’s almost guaranteed you won’t ask for refunds.

No matter what option you decided, remember you will spend a huge amount on time sleeping on it, this long term commitment shouldn’t be bought on impulse, research your options until you find the best deal.

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