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Broken Age Act I Review

Released on January 14, 2014 for sponsors and on January 28, 2014 for everyone, Broken Age Act I is an adventure PC game developed and published by Double Fine Productions. You can purchase this great game for the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $24.99, which also has includes a free update for Act 2.

The present Broken Age Act I review points out the format of the game clearly reminds us of the point and click adventure games of age. Nonetheless, the formula of the game has been changed a little due to some interesting improvements made in the camera perspectives and among the design choices. Some examples are: in a zone of the game you can actually fall through the clouds if you do not watch your step, in another area the angle of the camera peers in through a window while it is being cleaned by a cute spaceship minion. These may seem unimportant details, but they really add to the freshness and originality of the gameplay, therefore they will be much appreciated while playing the game.

To continue our Broken Age Act I review we need to mention the characters you are playing with: a boy and a girl. The two of them live in totally different worlds, neither of them knowing the other one exists, nor that they are connected by an invisible thread of a story that will unveil as you play. We are acquainted with a beautiful girl named Vella, who is trying to spend a short moment by herself on the most significant and the last day of her life. The boy is named Shay and he is a prince, a passenger and a prisoner, as well, of a spaceship that is too protective with him and that is willing to offer him anything he wants, with the only exception of not offering him the freedom to grow up.

In this Broken Age Act I review we must mention that the writing is another good thing about this game; Schafer and the other writers conceived a light, witty and bouncy dialogue. The cast interpreting the roles of the animated characters did a great job, as well; even the smallest side characters burst with personality and appeal. The only minor downfall of the game is that it does not offer the player puzzles that really challenge them. Almost every puzzle is solved with the help of the inventory objects and, as there are not that many objects or screens, it is rather evident how to solve the puzzle.

Those who want to take a break from the popular League of Legends can definitely try out Broken Age Act I because it will offer them a chance to change things up a bit. Of course, real fans of League of Legends will not be able to stay away from it or from the LoL skin shop for too long, but it is nice to know you have a wonderful new alternative to enjoy your free time.

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