Camping Meals

In summer more people are planning on going camping, but among all the things they need to prepare: the tent, sleeping bags, camp chairs, etc., they ignore the food and in the last day they put in backpacks typical cans of tuna. The outdoor adventure in general and when camping in particular has a huge challenge when it comes to camping meals. Tasty and varied eating is not easy in an environment where we lack utensils and food preparation items that we have at hand at home. If you’re planning on going camping, here is a list of different camping meals that you can prepare:

  • The first day, for not to worry about cooking, take food already prepared from home, so choose something tasty that doesn’t need to stand in the refrigerator, such as a sandwich.
  • It is common when you go camping to bring fruits and vegetables for camping meals. If there is a store somewhere around where they sell bread, buy bread and prepare tomatoes with oregano, for example.
  • If you get bored of eating just fruits, you can take in your backpack a jar of cream and eat it like this.
  • If there is a small business around, buy eggs and prepare them in the same day. You can make omelets with vegetables. If in any case you take cans of tuna, you can prepare them in an omelet and make a delicious camping meal.
  • Buy cans of vegetables; you can buy corn in cans. Take in your backpack different vegetables and eat raw vegetables or with rice. Raw vegetables are better than cooked, are tasty and nourish the body. Take in your backpack a small amount of rice, so does not occupy much space. Rice is tasty for camping meals and very nutritious. As for cans, the good thing is that they do not need to stay in a cool place.
  • To drink, take with you juice in small boxes, and if you want to bring beer it is also better to be in small bottles, so they do not waste gas so fast. If you drink alcohol, it is better to take wine, because is one of the few drinks that you can drink at room temperature. An advice is not to bring drinks you don’t need.

Finally, these are just a few tips for camping meals, which will help you not to get bored eating the same thing every day while you’re camping.

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