Camping Recipes

Camping is a fun thing to do outdoors, and when all are gathering around the campfire is a time to discuss the events and also, the time to cook over the burning fire. Therefore, camping meals can be nutritious and delicious if you come well prepared with camping recipes. If you don’t know any camping recipe, here are some suggestions. Beyond your hunger: use or adapt these camping recipes for delicious meals with charcoal flavor.

One of the camping recipes is campfire rice. This recipe is for four or five persons and you need the following ingredients: one pound (half kilogram) of rice, oil, salt, water and optional: onion, garlic, spices (curry, coriander, paprika or hot pepper), beans, vegetables (canned). The preparation method is the following: fry rice with oil for a minute or two stirring all the time. Add onion and garlic, spices and fry all these ingredients for another minute. Add water and salt to taste over rice. When water evaporates, cover the cooking pot and reduce the embers heat. Leave rice to soak. Finally, add the canned vegetables.

A collective soup is also one of the delicious camping recipes and it’s a way to have fun cooking.

You all gathered around the camping table and prepare this delicious recipe. Combine the things that each of you brought and make collective soup for everyone to eat. It will be one of the most delicious camping meals. For this recipe you will need the following ingredients: oil, onion, garlic, tomato sauce or other sauce, spices or other stuff specific for soup, chopped vegetables, other canned ingredients, salt, pasta or noodles and bread. The preparation method of this camping recipe is the following: heat oil, add onion and garlic and fry all these ingredients for a minute. Between this minute add in order the following: tomato sauce, spices and vegetables, other canned ingredients and salt. Fry all these for a couple of minutes. Fill the pot with water (more than half). When it begins to be hot, add pasta or noodles. Boil over charcoals until the pasta and vegetables start to soak, about 20 minutes. Serve this dish with bread. For this dish you can save fresh water and salt, if you’re in a clean beach. Use half of sea water and half of fresh water for cooking.

Finally, if you’re planning on going camping and you have no idea of what camping recipes to prepare, these suggestions will help you have delicious camping meals, at least of a few days. These are simple to do camping recipes, which you can use or adapt or you can come with other ideas.

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