Car window replacement – when, why and where


It is commonly known that car windows are important parts of the vehicle’s safety restraint system, whether it is about the windscreen or the side windows. It is also known that the car is exposed to danger every hour day or night, even when it is parked. Small stones can create serious damage to your car, especially if you drive at high speed and the stone hits one of the car’s windows, thus making cracks and chips to appear. This is when you need to have your car examined to determine whether or not you need car window replacement.

WHEN you should replace your car window

The biggest mistake most drivers make when they deal with cracks and chips is that they leave the problem unsolved, thinking that it is not that big of a deal after all. The truth is the longer you leave the crack untouched, the bigger it becomes and it can turn into a serious problem, making you pay a great deal of money to have it fixed. Experts in the field strongly recommend going to a mechanic the shortest time after you notice the window is damaged. Know that there are certain aspects that can influence the mechanic’s decision on whether to replace or to simply repair the car window:

  • The type of crack – there are different types of cracks and chips that vary in terms of size, shape and pattern and depending on this aspect, the mechanic can determine if your car needs window replacement. The bullseye shape, the starburst shape, half moon or combination break are only a few examples of types of cracks and chips that can appear on your windscreen.
  • The location – is another element that influences the mechanic’s decision. In most cases, if the crack is located on the windscreen somewhere in the driver’s sight, it is best to replace the window and not to opt for repairing the crack, because there are high chances it will still have some discoloration or mistiness remained that may obstruct the driver’s vision.
  • The depth of the crack is also an important factor that tells the mechanic what solution is the best to opt for. If the crack has no more than two inches long for example, repairing it using some top quality products may be a better, money-saving solution. In other cases, replacement still remains the best option.

WHY you should replace your car window

Under no circumstances should you ignore car window chips or cracks, because as it was briefly mentioned above, it gets bigger quite fast. Car windows are essential elements of the vehicle’s safety restraint system and even the smallest crack can cause serious damage and put your life and the lives of other vehicle passengers in danger.

Even though you do not notice at first, cracks get bigger extremely fast if they are not taken care of in due time and you will wake up one morning wondering when the crack got so big overnight. This can cost you a lot of money. Have the cracks repaired or the window replaced as soon as possible.

What is more, you should know that in some states and countries, drivers can get into serious legal problems if a local authority requests them to pull over and notices the car window is cracked or chipped.

WHERE you should replace your car window

If the biggest mistake drivers usually make is to leave the car window crack untaken care of, the second biggest mistake is to try and solve the problem themselves. It is advisable to go to the closest and best mechanic to have the car examined by a professional if you want to benefit from the best results.

The market is plentiful in DIY car window repair kits and some of them even benefit from great marketing campaigns. However, these kits are not always that useful, as they can only cover the crack and have the problem solved temporarily.

Start your research on the Internet because chances are you will find here a wide range of mechanics from which to choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. Make a list of the mechanics that you believe fit your criteria and then start digging up for more information on them. Consider asking your friends and relatives for recommendations to see what their opinions are on the specific mechanics. Also, you should not skip reading reviews on the Internet, as they can be like a goldmine of information for you. Pay attention to other criteria such as the price the mechanic asks for, the available time, the experience they have in the field and so on. With these aspects in mind, it is for sure you will make the best decision.

Here are some useful tips when dealing with car window dings

There may be many reasons why cracks, dings and chips appear on your car’s window, but regardless of this aspect, you still have to keep in mind these useful tips:

  • If you hear something hit the car while you were driving, consider performing an overall checking the moment you stop and pull over. It is essential you examine the car carefully, especially the windows to see if there is anything damaged or not.
  • It is crucial you avoid washing the car if there are any dings or chips on the glass because water can interfere in between and make the chips become bigger.
  • It is crucial you avoid leaving the car in direct sunlight too when you are dealing with chips and cracks. The reason is quite simple – the windscreen gets really hot which makes it a lot weaker and increases chances for it to crack even more.
  • Avoid purchasing DIY repair kits, as they will only solve the problem for a very short period. It is recommended you go to a professional and trust-worthy mechanic that has vast experience in the field and can guarantee you top quality services. By working with the best in the industry you will benefit from the best results too.

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