Chop Chop Caveman iPad App

Successful people use their iPad to write down, note important conversations, make plans or projects. Teens usually carry it around at college to watch a movie or record all of their uninteresting and boring classes. But what about kids? Why are they so fanatic about iPad. Well, there are specific games for them, too, like the Chop Chop Caveman. This exciting action game developed by Gamerizon is an entertaining platform that has great success on young people. Already having more that 6 million downloads, there are rumored to appear great updates, sooner than expected. Being the last game in this chain, people are trying to create a winter world that will provide new, funny features for the Chop Chop Caveman fans.

Guess who ranks up high among the best iPhone features? Chop Chop Caveman, of course! This game has already been promoted through a lot of media comments, regarding its creation and the huge impact it turned out to have among people. Many people say that Chop Chop Caveman is a must have, since it is so fun and it provides you all the relaxation and well being you need. Also, developers sustain that this game incorporates a smart control system, adding more value to its creators. It is actually pretty comical seeing a man from ancient times, that lives in a cave, craving for more food. You get to be a hungry carnivorous that needs to be fed all the time, since the beginning of the game, till the end of it. He always hunts his every meal having many food breaks per day. But the funniest thing it that he is always in the search of dinosaur’s meat, for he considers it to be a delicacy.

Chop Chop Caveman can be considered as a strategy after Mario game, only with different purposes. If the Italian guy had as a quest, finding his princess, Caveman craves for many dinosaur grills and tasty bones, running after them to rip them apart. He engorges any exotic creature that he meets on his way to hunting. It is rather ironic how a tiny creature like a human can chase after huge, dangerous and wild creatures and that’s precisely what makes this game so enjoyable to play. Chop Chop Caveman challenges you to feed his huge appetite, using your own finger to play it. There are no virtual buttons, commands or joysticks, for all the actions are performed with your bare hand. Chop Chop Caveman follows your finger, his guidance to an enthusiastic hunting trip.

In addition to this, the cartooned design of the game, provides a colorful view provoking you to play it. There is a bit of strategy involved in the Chop Chop Caveman, for you have to break objects, climb mountains or throw different things, in order to move on to other levels. Caveman has to use and communicate well with the nature surrounding him. The twenty levels include different locations, dummy enemies, many interactive and hidden objects that bring this game to a high rated application. Be the first Chop Chop Caveman, by competing with your friends and obtain the highest scores on the leader boards!

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