Cloud-Word App for iPad

Among the numerous applications for Ipad, there is now available on any store the Cloud-Word. Deciding that the Ipad needs an upgrade, developers integrated all of the best functions into the most productive application, the Cloud-Word. It hasn’t been any more fun than now, to take notes of different subjects on your personalized Ipad. There are amazing visual graphics which allow you to be really inventive when noting something down. Cloud-Word is all about writing, as the name says it, but you get to do it in a particular manner that you get to enjoy taking more and more notes. All of your writing is placed on little, fluffy clouds and you can link them between, so that you know what a connection between notes is about. Moreover, these clouds are animated, making things more interesting.

First seen as a toy, the Cloud-Word application is very used by business men who became very found if this practical app for their iPad. Looking fantastic, drawing you to another playful dimension, it is also very easy to use and anyone can do it. Great for children, due to the fact that all the cloudy animations attracts them and foments them into writing down information heard in classes.Having this great impact, all the knowledge can be retained with easiness and also more data is stocket in a child’s mind. It is a productive manner to make your children learn more. But the fabulous design of the amazing Cloud-Word application, works great for grown-ups,too, who work in a business sector.  Navigation is provided by the sensitive touch panel, when tapping in all the content you work on and storing it on a cute cloud. Writing is provided by the qwerty touch keyboard, available when accessing a little cloud.

Besides the fact that you get to write in an exclusive way, there is more to the Cloud-Word app for iPad, than just writing. You have the possibility to include a glossary for any further reference, for any of your writing documents or projects regarding plannings and researches. You can even find acronyms with easiness in a quick manner, for your searches have automatic results. The many functions are hidden under a sidebar that is only a tap away for use. You can edit your writing in many ways. For instance, you can highlight important information, write with several colors, in bold or in italic style and more others, provided exclusively by the Cloud-Word application. And now, for a fact that will really get you excited about using this app: now you can also download android apps to PC, and use them like you normally would on your smartphone. Thus, if you’re at home and would like to use the Cloud-Word app but don’t feel like using your phone, you could just access it on your laptop or home computer. Now you don’t have to wait for one device to charge, because you’ve got others available with the same information.

Cloud-Word is only a touch distance from every document regarding writing. You can even send projects on mail, for touching a cloud of information returns several options instead. Moreover, with the Cloud-Word you can even record audio voices and listen to them. Also, there are features provided by this amazing Cloud-Word application, providing picture inserting, a memorize tool that organizes all of your written files and of course the special animated effects. The whole package includes a manual that will be your guidance into using the application for iPad. Summarizing this, it urges to mention the fact that acquiring this application is extremely cheap, for it can be found at a price less that two dollars.

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