Commercial Driver’s License – written test precautions and expectations

You can’t wait to drive but you’re limited by passing your written exam? There are a few tips that might help with getting yourself together before the exam. Studying is an absolute condition to pass your Driver Licence exam. Organizing your time and applying the right study strategies represent the first steps towards a successful outcome. Of course, no exam can be passed without no studying at all, so you have to learn how to study, what aspects to focus on, how to schedule your time and many more other tips you’ll learn about in this article. The main rule of studying would be not listening to what other people have to say. Even though some say that they passed their CDL exam without any efforts involved, this is not something that applies to your situation as well. Believing that you are going to be lucky on your exam they it’s surely not a method that grants you success.

Everyone experienced tiredness and laziness at least once in their lives, the reason why you shouldn’t feel bad at all if this happens to you too. Repeatedly reading about a topic and not being able to remember one thing are consequences of not selecting the appropriate moment for studying properly. You might start to believe that the problem is your short memory, but in reality, the only thing that’s wrong with your learning technique is you don’t know how to apply it. Now, referring to the Commercial Driver’s License written the exam, passing it might affect your own future. Passing such exam is an opportunity to new jobs and – implicitly – bigger salaries. If you work hard enough to pass your CDL, you might stumble upon some precious opportunities. Here’s what to take into consideration:

The Commercial Driver’s Manual

Many future drivers do not manage to pass their written exams. The lack of studying, inadvertent mistakes or the short period of time dedicated to reading the Commercial Driver’s Manual is the main causes of CDL failure. The first thing a student should do when preparing for CDL is reading the manual patiently, head to tail. Even though you feel like you don’t remember or understand anything, your brain will start processing what you read, and you are going to see visible results later. The Commercial Driver’s Manual might contain concepts and terms you don’t know much about. Take your time and search for further information about the respective topic.

Depending on the manual’s size, try to organize your time based on how much time you have left until the exam. You should avoid studying all the information a few nights before the big exam. It will only make the information confusing and unclear. Speed-memorizing a list of concepts that mean nothing at all to you is not effective in any way. Instead, understand the material you are reading, and you’ll notice you actually remember it. The human memory is naturally omitting the information it finds irrelevant or it doesn’t understand, the reason why you might forget everything you’ve learned the next morning.  

Coping with stress and emotions

Constantly feeling stressed and anxious about this exam might end up hurting your scores. Remember how important passing CDL is. Your expectations probably depend on passing this written test. Instead of filling your mind with negative thoughts and emotions, try to transform them into motivation. Anxiety is known for its capacity to hinder the memory. It can prevent your brain from remembering the things you need at the moment. Instead of cramming all the info before an exam, manage to divide it according to the time you have left.

Avoid studying at night. Stress tends to intensify during the night when your thoughts become active. Pulling all-nighters before the exam will only make the situation worse instead of improving it. This is the reason why you have to learn how to deal with your emotions first. Calm down and put all of your thoughts in order. Get enough sleep during the whole period and get short breaks whenever you can. If you start organizing everything from the start, you’ll have plenty of time to deal with each objective.

Learning how to effectively study 

Start by cleaning your desk. The environment you study in can be impactful. Besides tidying up the desk, make sure that you set up good lighting. Invest in an overhead light or a floor lamp. Study early in the morning and plan the whole schedule in advance. Write down when you want to take breaks, how much information you’d like to cover etc. Focus on respecting the plan thoroughly. Break down sections of the CDL manual and concentrate on one section at a time. Avoid distractions by turning off your smartphone, your TV, and your laptop. During your breaks, you can check your social media updates or take a short walk. Exercising is a great method to keep both your body and mind energized. Prioritise information according to its difficulty. If you consider that a topic is troubling for you, come back and re-read it from time to time. You can also listen to music or treat yourself to healthy food snacks while you study. In case you consider the task impossible, learn more about how to cope with studying for CDL online.

Repetition is the secret to remember information. Read the manual multiple times, but don’t exaggerate. Dedicating a whole day to reading the manual is less effective than studying 2 hours a day with breaks and lots of organization. If it helps, read the manual aloud or ask a friend to do it for you. Each person has a different method to memorize information faster and more efficiently. If you still encounter trouble with remembering, create some flash cards and use them to write a question on one side and the answer on the other. See if you can find CDL exam variants online and use the questions you find there. Your manual might contain some example tests too.

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