Cool Writing Styles

There are many cool writing styles that can make a story reflect an important idea or concept. Depending on what he wants to transmit to his audience, a writer can opt between many ways of expressing his thoughts. Furthermore, he can change the whole meaning of a certain concept by using a special way of relating a story.

People’s perception is very easy to be changed, especially if they find interesting arguments that can sustain an idea. Therefore, authors who want to have an impact on their readers might turn to some cool writing styles as tools to achieve their goal. However, they have a big responsibility because they can affect an individual’s way of thinking and judgment in a negative way, especially if his audience is formed by children who haven’t developed yet a personality.

In order to understand more about cool writing styles, we must analyze the manner in which authors choose to address to their readers. A certain style allows us to find out more about a writer’s personality and about the experiences that he or she has gone through, because we all know that a writer is inspired by facts that happen in real life. So, we can assume that some of the stories that writers present in their books are based on real phases of their lives.

Here are the most representative writing styles:

1. The technical style is applied to technical documents, so it implies the use of concise and clear language. In order for the information to be easy to understand, short sentences and the absence of unnecessary words is required.

2. The business style also has to be accurate, but it accepts longer sentences.

3. The conversational style is used by authors who want to adopt a more casual manner of writing, especially because it involves the use of personal pronouns and personal thoughts and opinions.

Furthermore, if authors opt for cool writing styles, they reveal us the fact that they are writing for cool readers who have the capacity to understand modern techniques of writing. However, according to some famous writers, style is reflected by the use of the right words, so the rest matters very little. Moreover, they affirm that having a style implies being unique, which involves forgetting about all the styles that are proposed by literature critiques. So, originality is the factor that matters most when it comes to writing a great book.

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