Corporate video production: why?

Since YouTube emerged on the social media market, marketing and advertising knew a change of perspective. Consumers nowadays are less drawn towards written content and concentrate more on various types of videos. However, the question if these videos are truly effective for companies spiked in the past few years. Their utility is yet to be demonstrated for some, while the vast majority is already convinced that investing in this type of content pays off enormously. But it all comes down to the corporate video production company with which you choose to collaborate. The quality of their services will determine the amount of success a campaign of this kind will register. But in the following paragraphs we will answer to the “Why?” question in the beginning.

1. Cost effectiveness

Once you find a skilled team willing to create your video content, and sign a video production contract, you only have to upload and distribute the video. This comes free of any costs, since you can use the variety of social media platforms to do so. Access to these video products is facilitated by both social media platforms but also by search engines. For instance, when searching a certain topic in Google, there will be several videos featured on the topic. Also, you could make demonstrative videos on how people could use the products or services which you provide. A “how to replace a car tyre” if your establishment is specialised in car tyre manufacturing will show up at the top of the Google results; it will be viewed by a multitude of individuals, and you will reach more potential buyers than you were to make an article about the topic on your webpage. People love demonstrative and practical content. Plus, you have so many social media channels where to distribute such content: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and so on. All with a relatively small price.

2. It’s a measurable advertising mean

If you upload your video on social media platforms, you will have the advantage of being fully aware of the success of your videos. These means, especially Facebook and YouTube have integrated a view count, which will give you a clear idea about your video’s popularity on various social media channels. Also, you are aware of the number of people that appreciate your video content. Another great advantage is the fact that you’ll have direct feedback from viewers, consumers and potential buyers through the “Comment” section which is available on multiple social media platforms. This is the first of the multitude of benefits brought by this type of content.

3. Stay ahead of the competition

Needless to say, a varied offer when it comes to your advertising approaches is designed to put you ahead of your competitors. A recent research has shown that those companies who upload a corporate video on their homepages have higher chances to appear upper in search engine results, at least when we discuss Google. That being said, integrating video content into your marketing strategy could benefit you more than you anticipate. Also, not all consumers have the same learning styles. While many do prefer reading about a certain product, higher ratios prefer watching demonstrative videos, or learning about a company by watching educational video content.  If you invest into a marketing approach different from your competitor’s you make sure that you reach a higher number of the potential audience.

4. Higher audience reach levels

Video content has high rates of shareability and considering the fact that there are 700 millions of videos shared on YouTube, this might help you expand your audience even more. It’s about reaching closer to more individuals, and this type of content simply seems to be more efficient than written content. However, don’t neglect the content on your official web page or social media platforms, because of SEO reasons. Simply create a blend that works for your particular case. Social media is the perfect tool companies who want to register higher customer engagement rates apply. And this is a successful strategy if we take a glance at all successful companies’ social media platforms. And these accounts have all a thing in common: easy to share, easy to watch and digest video content. It’s a worldwide trend, and if you want to be successful and decrease the discrepancies, you must adopt it.

 5. It increases customer engagement

As previously mentioned, this type of content does a great job when it comes to customer engagement. A recent Forrester research prove that only 20% of the visitors a website has will read written content, while 80% will watch video content. The same rule seems to apply to all social media platforms. Text only-posts seem to lack the ability to engage the visitors. So if you aim to encourage customer engagement rates, please adopt a video marketing campaign. Seem to work wonderfully for businesses in a variety of activity sectors.

6. Increase sales, decrease advertising expenses

While more consumers become familiars with your products and services through your corporate videos, you will begin to notice an increase in terms of sales. This is a reliable long-term marketing strategy since it offers incredible outcomes for a fairly small price. While many companies invest an enormous amount in ineffective marketing campaigns, those investing in corporate video production services register an incredible decrease of expenses for marketing purposes and not only. For instance, some succeeded to decrease the customer relations expenses, because they invested in training and explanatory videos for their products and services.

These are six of the advantages that companies that invest in video production service will register shortly after implementing such campaigns. Make sure to pay increased attention to the video production company with which you plan to collaborate. On their experience and skill depends the success and quality of your final product. You want to have a corporate video campaign that answers to multiples necessities at once. From an advantageous price, to a variety of style from where to pick from, these are all important coordinate you should take into account.

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