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Cutting Edge Technology in Development

Technology represents one of the most important tools that people use in order to achieve their daily tasks. Big discoveries have helped the world to evolve and gain new territories, so they are the main source of development. These days, cutting edge technology is used to develop new impressive elements that are meant to substitute many things that we are used to.

As cutting edge technology marches on, everything goes into development sooner or later, but the most important aspect is represented by the fact that some of the human chores will be replaced by robots. Agricultural robotics are one of the measures that many companies plan to adopt in order to cut costs on salaries. Although this might seem a good strategy for them, it also involves a labor shortage, so unemployment will represent a big issue for people who earn their living by practicing this kind of work.

A great discovery that was made through cutting edge technology introduces paper-thin computers and phones which feature a high level of flexibility. The Papertab is a product which combines the properties of a tablet with the characteristics provided by paper. Although it might not seem such a reliable prototype, this device represents a fully functional tablet with touch screen properties and different media services.

Many types of robot farmhands will be implemented into the market, especially since it has been proved that a robot could perform 40 % of the manual labor that is now performed on workplaces. Some of the robots that have been developed by research companies integrate visual sensors which give them the ability to determine the ripeness of fruits before picking them, but the greatest advantage that they feature is represented by the fact that they can work without ever getting tired.

Medicine is a domain where cutting edge technology contributes in an impressive way. Furthermore, it can be used as a tool for regenerating parts in the human body. Tooth regeneration is one of the challenges that might lead to one of the biggest discoveries. Scientists have thought until recently that this operation is impossible due to the fact that there are certain tissues that don’t grow up after losing a tooth. However, it has been discovered that the stem cells can reproduce the structure of a tissue, so this process might become possible. Therefore, tooth decays, gum diseases and root canals will no longer be a problem in future.

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