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The global economy has led to a tremendous boom in international trade. These days, businesses are in great need of sophisticated logistics services that can properly transport a product between countries. Freight shipping is a major industry that serves an array of businesses worldwide, especially retail. David Kiger world wide express is an example of a successful executive of a freight shipping company.

In global logistic operations, multiple parties are involved. The manufacturer is responsible for mass producing products while merchants have the task of selling the products. The middle party is involved in logistics management that handles freight shipping. From the time that products leave a factory to the point the products reach a store, freight shipping companies are responsible for safe transportation.

Relatively small items that can be packaged in boxes are usually shipped in bulk in carton or wooden crates. Of course, delicate and fragile items are packaged properly with interior bubble wraps and other materials that prevent damage. Special packaging features such as moisture barriers may be inserted to prevent damage from humidity during extended transportation trips. Shrink wrapping is another important method used in freight shipping of goods. Plastic is wound tightly around crates and containers for extra security.

In addition to the packaging responsibilities, freight shipping companies are also in charge of the physical transport of products. Transportation by sea, air, rail and road is conveniently available but at very different costs. A logistics company usually outsources all transportation services to major carriers of cargo and freight. Freight shipping companies carefully consider all of the costs associated with transporting products in bulk. In general, freight ships offer affordable rates on transporting goods across oceans and seas for weeks. Businesses need to calculate the possible losses involved with a long waiting time for merchandise to arrive. However, the losses may be balanced out by the tremendous savings on the freight transportation services by ship. Surely, express freight shipping by air would cost businesses a significant amount of extra money when compared to the slowest method deliveries by freight ships.

However, logistics companies provide valuable advice on the costs and operations of global freight shipping. A high tech company that sells small electronic components for the consumer market may want to use express freight shipping services by air. For example, a few boxes of microchips and other advanced semiconductor electronic items may be worth millions of dollars. By contrast, the same volume of boxes would hold apparel that would be worth only a few thousand dollars in retail value.

Logistical tracking is an important part of freight shipment operations. From the time that a product is finished in a factory, a tracking system is integrated into the product. Bar codes and label prints are used to track freight shipments across the world. The label prints on containers and packages may have information such as date of production, production factory lots, expiration dates, final destination, brand name and much more. A bar code is scanned multiple times throughout a product’s journey on a global shipping operation. Merchants and other businesses that are waiting to receive shipments can track the packages on a daily basis. It is common for freight shipment packages to get scanned at least once a day when they are in the process of transit. Logistics software also tracks down the arrival and inspection of products at domestic ports such as in the United States. Businesses are notified in real time about any possible problems with shipments that may get inspected for suspicious content.

In fact, logistic companies often take into consideration the time loss involved with inspections of freight containers. Sometimes, government agents may leave a freight package at a port for days or even weeks due to potential hazards and violations of trade policy. It is common for products produced in foreign factories to contain secretly planted counterfeit goods and other illegal items.

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