Decorating for Christmas using only ribbons

Christmas is definitely one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Annually, as soon as the cold season approaches, everybody gets caught by the fever of shopping and decorations. The stores are invaded by shiny little objects and multi-coloured tinsel, but if you want to have the most original ornaments, it is time to consider starting a DIY project. If you want to get the most affordable supplies for your Christmas decorations, then you should visit http://theribbonroom.co.uk/. Whether you want to transform decorating into a family activity or you choose do craft everything yourself and surprise the others, ribbons will come in very handy: they are versatile, easy to use and extremely affordable.

The Christmas tree

The tree is clearly the symbol of the holiday, so it should be the main attraction of any house during winter. If you are a fan of original decorations, then maybe this year you will try to forget about traditional ornaments, such as globes and tinsel, and replace them with some original objects. To this end, ribbons seem to be the best option you have. Given the fact that the Christmas tree is the focal point, you need to make sure that it looks amazing. Start looking for tutorials and activate your crafting talent, in order to get the most beautiful decorations made solely of ribbons. Make shiny garlands, tie small bows and if you are daring enough, you can even replace the tradition star on top of the tree with a majestic ribbon.


Small details around the house

If you have a fireplace, decorating the shelf for Christmas is definitely something you need to do. Although you probably already have some nice season stockings and figurines, you should be innovative this year and add some garlands made of ribbon. You can choose any type of fabric, but wired ribbon is the best option, since it can be modelled however you want and it will maintain its shape longer. You can also use small bows to adorn the table setting for the Christmas dinner – everyone will be impressed by the fact that you thought about all the small details. In addition to this, ribbon will make your gifts look amazing. Although basically, this is not a creative use of the fabric, you can always improvise new wrapping methods, to make the presents as original as possible.



The exterior of the house is as important as the interior, since it is the part everyone gets to see. Make sure all your neighbours and passers-by find out that you are keen on Christmas by adorning the outdoors as much as you can. Since there are plenty of tutorials available on the internet, it has never been easier to design a wonderful wrath to hang on the entrance door. Furthermore, you can also decorate the tress you have around the house with flashing lights and small bows, to create a festive atmosphere. This way, everybody will know just how much you love this holiday.



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