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Determine Your Snoring Type – Easy Tests You Can Do to Learn What Type of Snorer You Are

Snoring is a harsh and vibrating noise that a person makes while sleeping. Normally, a person who
suffer from snoring problemhas a constricted airway. You have to determine what type of snorer you
are before you can decide the best anti snoring device to cure your snoring problem. The following are
4 types of snorers and the procedure how to test yourself to see which type of snorer you are.

1. Mouth Snorer

Mouth snorer snores with their mouth open during their sleep. To determine whether you are a mouth
snorer, open your mouth and see if you are able to create a snoring noise. You are a mouth snorer if you
can snore with your mouth opened but not when your mouth is closed. The snoring sound created by a
mouth snorer is a low frequency sound similar to nasal snore. People who snore through mouth has a
risk of getting infections since the air travel directly into the lung through the throat passage instead of
the natural filter in the nasal channel. The best anti snoring device for mouth snorer is a mouthpiece.

2. Nasal Snorer

Nasal snorer snores when one of the nostrils is blocked. It can also happen if your nose suffer from
abnormalities such as crooked nose, or a polyp growth in the nose that is preventing you from breathing
smoothly. To find out if you are a nasal snorer, use your finger to suppress one of the nostrils and see if
you can breathe properly. Your mouth must be closed during this test. If you have difficulty in
breathing, you can try using a small object to hold your nostril open and try to breath again. You are a
nasal snorer if it is easier for you to breath with your nostril forced opened. Nasal clip anti snoring
devices are suitable for nasal snorers. Please reference →.

3. Tongue Base Snorer

To see if you are a tongue base snorer, make a snoring sound after opening the mouth a little wide. If
you are able to snore with your mouth opened a little bit, put out your tongue further and bite it in
between the teeth. Now, try to make the snoring sound and see if the sound is reduced. For tongue base
snorers, the snoring sound comes from the tongue that falls back too far at the base of the mouth which
prevent the air flow from being obstructed. Tongue based snorers make up the majority percentage of
snorers. Usually, obese people who have a lot of fat around the neck area are tongue based snorers.
Most of tongue based snorers are men. You need an anti snoring mouthpiece to cure your tongue base
snoring problem.

4. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Another type of snorer belongs to the group of people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).
Obstructive sleep apnea sufferers will make a very loud snoring sound and then they will suddenly stop
breathing for a few minutes. This will repeat several times through the sleep so that the person is
unable to get enough sleep and feel tired in the morning. OSA can lead to a variety of health problems
such as high blood pressure and stroke. You can find out if you have OSA by looking for symptoms
such as loud snoring, extreme tiredness in the morning, headache, pain in the chest, and anxiety.

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