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Digital marketing 101 – why is it so important for businesses?


Without promoting your business, there are low chances you get worldwide recognition and increase the number of customers. Nowadays, advertising is everywhere, from posters spread on the streets to ads posted on the Internet. However, it is generally agreed that digital marketing has gained great popularity today, which is why businesses from all industries should consider working with professional companies such as Xi Digital that provide high quality online marketing services. Here is everything you need to know on this subject.

The benefits of digital marketing

You probably wonder why digital marketing is so important for your business and what benefits it can bring. Well, the answer is quite simple – nearly everyone nowadays has Internet access, which makes things a lot easier when it comes to advertising.

  • It is the most cost-effective strategy – yes, compared to other marketing strategies available, the Internet is one of the most affordable ones company managers can resort to. They still have to spend money on hiring professionals to design websites, handle SEO and content writing, but the costs are significantly lower compared to investing in any other promoting methods.
  • The message is wide-spread really fast – the world changes at fast pace and it is rapidly becoming digital, which makes digital marketing the most powerful tool. It is a much more versatile and practical method, since the message reaches out to large number of people in a matter of seconds, thus significantly increasing the number of customers.
  • Results can be tracked easier – there is always the need to come up with new ideas and improve a company’s marketing campaigns and in the online world these things are much simpler and more time-saving. Data analytics is easier to track this way, since it provides you with real-time results.
  • Easier to interact with customers – whether it is about potential or existing customers that you are talking about, the Internet offers you and your company the possibility to interact with them in real-time, which helps you build strong customer loyalty. Online forums, live chats and social media are only a few great examples of ways in which you can gain people’s trust.

Must-follow rules in digital advertising

Although it may seem easy, creating flawless online marketing campaigns can be quite a challenging task, since in order to benefit from the best results and reach success it is mandatory that you follow some simple, yet essential rules.

  • One of the most important rules is to have a clear idea regarding the targeted group to which you want to address the message. Regardless the industry in which your company operates or how great, world-changing or hard-to-resist your offer is, you simply cannot consider that your products and services are dedicated to everyone. The number of people who may actually be interested in what you provide is in fact quite small, so you have to focus on that group of customers only and try to convince them to resort to your company instead of going to a competitor of yours.
  • Another important rule in the online marketing industry is to ensure that the message is clear and that can be easily understood by the targeted group. Discuss with the advertiser you are working with and ensure that they understand the purpose of the campaign in the first place and that they do their best to clearly communicate the message to the audience.
  • No matter how well-designed the marketing campaign is, there is always room for making it better. Do consider measuring campaign results on a regular basis in order to determine which aspects were the ones that made the campaign successful and which ones still need to be improved. Sometimes, in order to be able to create killer online advertising campaigns, it is necessary that you take a closer look at your previous ones.
  • When designing the website of your company, it is mandatory that you work with professional designers that understand your needs. Also, it is important that the website is compatible on different devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets, because otherwise the customer will immediately exit the site and look for another company operating in the same industry as yours whose site is more responsive. Discuss with the web designer about these details before signing any contract in order to have everything cleared out.
  • Under no circumstances should you forget about the importance SEO can have over your business and marketing campaigns. This is what keeps your website high ranked in the results pages of the most popular search engines, so it is essential that you look for an expert in this domain.

Video advertising – a must in 2017

When it comes to online marketing, there are different strategies you can apply so that you increase the number of people interested in the services and products your company has to offer. In 2017, corporate video production is definitely a must if you want to keep up with the latest trends in this industry. Nevertheless, there are some very important considerations that should be taken into account in this case as well and one of them is to ensure that the video you are about to release tells a story. Many studies show that people are more attracted to videos than to static images they usually see on posters on the streets for instance, but in order to ensure you have caught their attention, it is mandatory that you make those ten first seconds of the video count. Time is a precious thing, so do not waste your customers’ time with unattractive, uninteresting and poorly designed videos, since this can affect the image of your company. Opt for hiring experts in video advertising and ask for their professional advice so that you can be sure the video marketing campaign is going to be a success.

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