Dip Dye Hair Style

A beautiful hair, full of brightness and color is to remove any person from the crowd. Recognize or not dyed hair has a special charm. Seems full of life, radiates health and gives you the beauty. If you want to change your look, if you want a small change, magic, if you want to be even more beautiful on holidays approaching, if you want just to be fashionable, learn about colors hairstylists seem to suggest that this spring.

Hairstylists say that one of the new trends that is very fashionable and that has been adopted by a lot of women is dip dye hair.

Would you like to dye your hair and you like Rachel Bilson? The beautiful actress loves dip dye hair, meaning gradient colors hair strands from roots to tips. Every woman wants a beautiful dyed hair, but going to the salon is an investment for many of us too much to support. Well you can dye your hair at home without spending a fortune.

What you need: dye and bleach

Dip dye hair style refers to hair color gradient. So the hair tips may have a shade lighter or darker than the roots.

Brunettes and brown are recommended to try dip dye hair style with lighter peaks than roots. Rachel Bilson is brown and opted for into shade of blonde locks. If you are brunette you can light up the tops with warm shades of chocolate and caramel.

Blondes, however, it is recommended to opt for darker tops in attractive shades of honey, Pale or hazel.

How do you dye: Dip dye hair style has a clear rule of dyeing, being a creative style that lets you improvise.

You can go on the style of Rachel Bilson and your desired color shade into many strands, from the sections below and ending with a few rebellious strands from the surface. In her the case lighter shades start from the upper, close to the crown. You can find many more examples of this style on the best fashion blogs, and you can also see how and when celebrities chose to wear it. Know that it is a pretentious style, and you won’t be able to wear just anything unless you want your dye job to look cheap; you need to have the right attitude, and most of all, maintain the style with regular visits at the salon. The best fashion blogs will tell you which the best combinations of colors are, but how to match them to your outfits as well.

But you can adopt the style of actress Shane Grimes, a more subtle style. The actress chose to overturn thick sections of hair, no locks, but the result is just as chic. This style fits you especially if you have very long hair.

Dip dye hair style looks great regardless of how you will style your hair. With curls, straight hair, ponytail shank, bun or braids, the gradient is very sophisticated and sexy.

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