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DIY Projects – Backyard Decorating Ideas

If you’re the DIY type of person, there’s nothing that brings you more satisfaction than creating customized decorations that you can take pride in as they’re made with your own two hands. In this article, we will focus on the backyard, an outdoor space that can be beautified easily if you know what decorations to add. Here, you will discover 6 colorful and stunning DIY projects that you can take up to decorate the backyard and completely transform the way it looks, making it a place where you want to spend as much of your free time as possible.

Project#1: Colorful Bike Planter

Even items that you don’t use anymore can become perfect decorations for the backyard as long as you know how to customize them. By adding a beautiful bike planter to this outdoor area, you will liven it up and you will get the chance to put the old bike to good use once again.

What You Need:

  • An old bike that you don’t use anymore;
  • White or colored paint;
  • Paint brush;
  • Planters.

How to Proceed

Just take the old bike that has been out of use from where you stored it, and dip the paint brush in the paint can. With the brush, paint the entire bike, including the handlebars and the tires. Let the paint dry, and place the planters that have been filled with beautifully colored plants on the bike. You can place one of the planters in the front basket, one on the back of the bike, and one of the saddle. With the help of a string, you can hang a couple of planters to the handlebars as well.

Project#2: Firepit

A firepit is a must-have in any backyard as it allows you to keep warm when you’re sitting outside with your loved ones. Not only this, but it spruces up the backyard’s décor when the night comes and you start using it. We came across some tabletop fireplace reviews that revealed the beauty and functionality of these items so we though it would be a great idea to design a larger scale fireplace in the garden. The result is mesmerizing and it surely created a centerpoint in the backyard. 

What You Need:

How to Proceed

Start the project by spray painting a circle of approximately 46 inches in diameter in the area of the backyard where you want to place the firepit. Afterward, use the shovel to dig a 6-inch deep hole inside the circle, and fill the hole with gravel until it reaches the same level as the ground. Place a ring of landscaping stones around the edge of the gravel pit, using the mallet to level them. Add the adhesive, and place the second row of stones. Make sure that the middle of each landscaping stone sits on the end seams of the first row. Do this procedure again with the third row, let the adhesive dry completely, and you can finally use the magnificent pit that you built with your own two hands.

Project#3: Cinder Block Bench

A bench can make for the best decoration in a backyard if it’s done with the right materials. The cinder block bench project that we will tell you more about in the following is a playful addition to this outdoor area. Not only do the materials come at cheap prices, but it’s easy to make, and it provides a comfy seating area as well.

What You Need:

  • 12 cinder blocks;
  • Concrete adhesive;
  • 4 pieces of 4” x 4” x 10’ lumber;
  • Colorful cushions.

How to Proceed

Start with one side of the bench by setting 4 blocks vertically on the ground, and place 2 blocks horizontally on top of them. Approximately 9 feet away from these cinder blocks, you will set up the other side of the bench. On the other side, lay 4 blocks vertically and 2 horizontally on top of them, just as you did with the first side. Next, feed the wood through one side of blocks to the other, letting at least 6 inches to stick out on both sides. Make sure that you trim the excess. Now that you’re pleased with the length of the wood, take the beams out and put the blocks into place with the help of the adhesive. When the adhesive dries, place the wood beams back to their rightful place and put the soft, colorful cushions on the bench to make it comfortable to sit on.

Project#4: Crate Planters

This is, by far, the easiest project on our list as it doesn’t require you to do much work. Just take a few crates that have slatted bottoms and that you don’t use anymore, salvaging them by making the crates into colorful planters. You can either paint the crates or leave them the way they are if they still look good on the exterior, and simply fill them with soil. In the soil, plant different species of small, colorful flowers such as snapdragons, hydrangeas, and more. Place these crates all over the backyard to add a touch of color to the décor and to liven up the entire space. Just make sure that the crates you use have slatted bottoms to ensure a good drainage for the soil.

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