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Do not settle with the design of your house – make it look more like a home

We are living in the cyber era, our phones and social media accounts are part of our daily life, so there is no surprise that when it comes to house design we have hundreds of ideas saved in our Pinterest boards. Every time you stumble upon a picture of a house that looks comfortable and cosy, you wish your residence to be decorated that way, because it would look more like a home, and you would love to spend more time crawled in your bed, or in your living room in the front of the TV.

This article will offer you some good news, it is simpler than you imagine creating an inviting home, you only have to take some time to check every element, you have used to decorate your house. Some elements will get out of the house, and some new ones will find their place here. But this is the beauty of the process, you will create the warm home you have always dreamt of.

What colour palette do you find cosy?

It all starts with the colour of the walls. If you want to feel comfortable and consider your house your crib, you should opt for a soft colour shade, like the one of the biscuits. If you do not like this shade, some other options are grey or stone, because they will offer you a relaxing feeling from the moment you enter the room. In order to enhance the cosiness of the room you should add some cushions and blankets in a matching shade. For the times when you want to stay in the living room, watching your favourite movie, you should place on your table a cup of tea, because it adds instant warmth to the room.

An overstuffed chair

Do you like to read books? Well in this case you should find a corner in your house where to place an overstuffed chair. Choose one big enough to have space for sitting even after you fill it with cushions and blankets. For an extra touch of style, you should place the chair in a corner close to the windows or fireplace. In this way, the light will enhance its beauty. Depending on your preferences, there are countless models available on the market, at various prices. Make sure it is super comfortable enough to spend a couple of hours reading your favourite book without experiencing back pains later.

It’s all about texture and layers

Some spaces look cold because of the way they were built. However, this does not mean that you have to bring extra furniture indoors to make them look cosier. You should focus on accents, because a few layers of fabrics and different textures can create the effect you are looking for. Start by deciding what textures you prefer when it comes to furniture accessories. Add some crisp white bedlinen, basket weaves and chunky knits and they will transform your house into a friendly and welcoming home. You can use this technique for all the rooms of the house because layers can be added in the bedroom, living room, and even in the bathroom. During winter, your house should look like an ideal room for hibernating. Your house is your retreat so feel free to play with the textures you choose for your house accessories.

Focus on the fireplace

The simplest way to make a house feel more comfortable is to bring indoors a fireplace, if you do not have one already installed. If you have a fireplace in your house, but you did not use it, because you were not sure if it functions or not, then you should no longer neglect it. Ask a team of fireplace maintenance experts to check its condition and repair it. Create a mantle area around it, for a pop of style. You do not need to allocate your entire budget to this project; you can create the mantle with some tall vases and some decorative pieces. In case you do not have a fireplace installed, you can choose a model that you consider complementing for your house.

When it comes to fireplace decorations, you should not work too hard to establish a plan, you should check the market for pieces you consider suitable, and that coordinate with the rest of the space. The fireplace will add personality to the room.

Bring inside house plants

You may have refused to bring indoors plants because you do not have time to care for them. The market offers you a wide array of plants that do not require great care. Houseplants are amazing when it comes to creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere. If they have flowers, they will offer the room a calming feeling. Plants are simply soothing, so pick your favourite ones and bring them inside. If you have some extra space, you can go a step further and you can create your own herb garden, because it will enhance not only the aesthetics of the space but also the smell. You can plant mint, oregano, basil, and rosemary.

Cosy lighting

The best way to make a space feel cosy and welcoming is to play with the lighting. If in the living room you have the fireplace that reflects a warm light, you have to try to obtain the same effect for the other rooms. If you cannot install a fireplace in your bedroom, for example, you can use an alternative, candles. They glow, especially if you place them close to a mirror, or you use glass bulbs to arrange the candles. Another option is to hang fairy lights, because they will offer an instant effect and you can easily change them when you want to try something new.

Extra Tips

A comfortable couch is the perfect element to welcome you at home, when you are tired of your office work.

A hot tub will help you get rid of the stress, and enjoy some moments to regain your inner peace.

And finally yet importantly, a furry friend will make your home look more alive and you will long for the moment when you will return home to see them.

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