Dresses for Your Body Style

An important aspect of your wedding dress is that it will be the most beautiful piece of clothing that you will always remember. Whatever your choice will be – the traditional white dress or a red dress – the wedding dress should be perfect and look perfect on you. One of the most important fashion tips for women is to always disregard trends if they don’t suit your body type. Considering the fact that there are different body shapes and styles, here are some tips that you can take into account when choosing the wedding dress for your body style.

  • Pear-shaped body. One of the best fashion tips for ladies with pear-shaped bodies is to choose ‘A-shaped’ wedding dresses. This type of dress drops on the waist, hiding a part of what you consider imperfect. Also, a dress with ‘V-shaped’ neckline is the perfect choice. Straight dresses, the large ones from the legs down, or the too tight dresses are not a good choice, so you must avoid them. Sometimes, finding the perfect fit can be very difficult and you might pay a lot on adjustments. In this case, you could make the dress yourself. It will take some time, but, if you use the best sewing machines and use high quality templates, you will get an amazing result.
  • Apple-shaped body. Brides with an apple-shaped body should wear ‘A-shaped’ dresses and dresses that highlight the chest. This type of dresses is a good choice for this form of the body. Also, dresses with ‘V-shaped’ neckline or deep V-neck are a good choice. Try to avoid princess dresses.
  • Small body – short and thin. When it comes to fashion tips for ladies with small bodies, it is best to avoid voluminous dresses so that they don’t give the impression that they are drowning in too much fabric. Small ladies should wear ‘A-shaped’ dresses and with high heels to create the impression of taller. Also, straight dresses, princess dresses are a good option. The neckline must be chosen depending on the size of the chest. A ‘V-shaped’ neckline will accentuate the bust, a round neckline gives a special elegance, while heart-shaped necklines or sleeveless dresses in general will highlight your shoulders. One of the best fashion tips for women with small bodies is to avoid large dresses from the legs down that will create a disproportionate silhouette.
  • Tall body. Tall brides can wear most of the dresses, because they fit this type of body construction. But, dresses that should be avoided are the princess dresses that could create an exaggerated look, and the large ones from the legs down, because they will create the impression of longer legs. As for the neckline, you can choose it depending on what you prefer: to highlight the chest or not.
  • Hourglass body. You will fit in any type of dress with any kind of neckline if you have this type of body. It depends on the creativity and preferences of each bride.

Finally, regardless of the body style here are some basic tips: start looking for the wedding dress with at least 6 months before the wedding and choose a dress close to the wedding theme.

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