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Driving & Learning Tips to Help You Pass Your Driver’s License Exam from the First

When preparing for your driver’s license exam, it’s unlikely you will get a grasp on the necessary information only from your textbook alone. In reality, you need to do and redo multiple tests designed in a similar fashion to those from the actual exam. Exam simulators and other similar resources are amazing for such purposes. But the paragraphs below will offer you more information on how to properly prepare for this big step of your adult life.

Use your instructor’s car as much as you can

Be smart and take your test in a car that you know well enough and have some experience driving in. The car will most certainly raise to examiner’s standard, as these vehicles need additional mirrors and equipment, but you will also be familiar with all car parts in the “show-me-tell-me” part of your test. You will know exactly where every control on your vehicle is.

Whenever you feel that you need, ask your instructor to walk you through all the controls and the mechanics of their vehicle. This will give you w boost of confidence before even starting your test.

Simulate the theoretical test as much as possible

Study the driving codes as much as you can and take all the possible simulations. However, make sure to find reliable sources and study materials. This will help you get a better grasp of the information that you must accumulate and it will also prepare you for the real exam. Simulations are great if you want to figure out which are the areas you have to improve and will offer you the opportunity to cement what you already know. Mock theory tests are incredibly useful if used frequently as one of the main learning means.

Never assume that you failed on your practical exam

Whether you make mistakes or not, remember that you can accumulate up to 15 minors. Try not to count them and always assume that you’ll pass. This will motivate you enough to persevere and do a better job overall. In most situations, even if it seems to you that you’ve made an enormous mistake, you still have all the chances to pass your practical driving exam. This rule applies to those mistakes that are not potentially dangerous.

Get to know your test routes

Before your practical exam, make sure that you have driven enough on all possible routes. Once you selected your test centre, you will have a slight idea on the possible routes, although you won’t be able to anticipate other variables. Practice with your instructor a mix of minor and major roads, practice highway driving and try to practice those at different hours in the day. The traffic varies enormously. While you can’t anticipate potential hazards or the traffic, it’s better to be prepared.

Amplify mirror checks

It won’t be much of an issue if your engine dies, but if you fail to check the mirrors frequently, it will. One major fault of learning drivers is their inability to pay attention to multiple things at once. Because of this reason, they forget to check the mirrors. If you fail to do so frequently enough, you have all chances to fail your exam. This is what most driving instructors will tell you: exaggerate this habit. To make sure that your examiner notices you checking the mirrors, exaggerate your head movements as well.

Go over your theory the night before your practical exam

If necessary, take some mock tests as well. This will refresh the theoretical part. Examiners do notice if you have a good theoretical base from the driving manner, so re-learn those notions. Go over your highway code once again and make sure to check your sign knowledge again. This will make you quite confident and will leave a good impression on your examiner.

Listen to what your examiner says at the end of the exam

This may be one of the best pieces of advice you will ever receive. Whether you pass or fail, listen to the advice that you’ll receive at the end of your exam. The examiner is one of the best people to tell you what skills you need to improve and what habits to get a hold on. They are fine observant of driving behaviour and will offer you plenty of useful information. The feedback from your examiner will help you do a better job next time you take your test if you failed.

These pieces of advice will help you pass your driver’s licence exams from the first attempt. Make sure to implement those when the time comes.

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