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Essential Basketball Stretches

Before doing any sports, your body must be warmed-up for 5-10 minutes. Then you need to stretch. Stretching is very important, it purpose being to improve the range of motion of your joints. Basketball stretches are absolutely necessary before every basketball game.

The most important basketball stretches are the following:

Shoulder stretches

Grab the elbow of your right arm with your left hand and pull it towards the left side of your body. You will feel your shoulder stretching. Then repeat the stretch on your right shoulder. Arm circles represent dynamic basketball stretches for your shoulder joints. With your arms straight out, parallel with the ground, you start moving your arms, forming small circles, slowly increasing the size of the circles until you manage to do large circles.

Triceps stretches

To stretch the triceps muscles you need to put one arm over your head, so that it forms a ā€œVā€ that is upside-down. Your upper arm should touch your lower arm and your elbow should be up in the air. Then hold your elbow with the other hand and pull the elbow to your head; if you are doing this right you should be able to feel a nice resistance.

Hamstring stretches

Sit on the floor with one leg straighten out and the other bent. Remaining in this position you reach out with your hands to touch your toes.

Quadriceps stretches

While standing, move one of your legs back toward your buttocks and grab that leg, with the hand on the same side, by the ankle. You should feel the front of your upper leg stretching. If you cannot hold your balance, you need to lean against a wall for stabilization, while doing this basketball stretches.

Calf stretches

With your heel on the ground, point the toes of the leg you want to stretch up a wall, as high as possible. You should feel the bottom of your lower leg stretching.

Achilles tendon stretches

The stretches for the Achilles tendon are performed in the same way as those of the calves, except you need to bend your knee of the leg you want to stretch against the wall. You should feel your lower part of the leg, just above the ankle, stretching.

Groin stretches

Groin stretches can be done from the sitting position. You bend your legs so that your feet are flat on the floor, against each other and by holding your ankles with your hands you push your knees gently with your elbows.

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