Essential to do’s before a long-term travel


Taking some time off work and your daily activities to adventure into a worldwide travel is an experience that any person should consider. A journey of this kind can help you in a plentitude of ways, allowing you to grow as a person and individual and providing you with once in lifetime memories. If after months or even years of contemplating the idea you have decided to go for it, and leave your current life on pause for some time in order to discover everything a long term travel has to offer, you are probably currently planning everything out.  Because this is not your regular vacation or holiday, there are numerous things you will need to take care of, so receiving a few tips on the subject might help you out. Here are some essential to do’s before your departure:

Do your research

The first step that needs to be taken is researching. Think about the places you want to see first and put every location on a list. It’s essential to create an itinerary and not just plan your next visit on the go. Having everything sorted out in advance will allow you to enjoy your trips more, and not have to deal with any stress. Perhaps some countries or cities are more dangerous, and should be avoided if you are travelling alone, or other locations might be better to be seen during a specific year period. The internet is an endless source of information, so start by researching as soon as you have made the decision to travel the world.

Set a budget

Money is always an important consideration to have when travelling. Estimating the general costs of your trip and creating a budget needs to be done early, because you might need to start saving and track your expenses immediately, in order to actually afford this experience. Also, make sure you have the required currency for all the countries you will be visiting, in order to not face any inconveniences, and always have some extra cash on you for potential emergencies.

Sell a part of your stuff and store the other

because you will be travelling for at least six month, you probably do not want to spend money on rent during that period, so it is best advised to give up on your lease altogether. The downside to this aspect is that you will need a place to put all of your belongings. To make things as easy as possible sort through everything, and decide on what you actually might need in the future and what you are able to give up. Some of your stuff you have the possibility to sell – there are many websites on the internet on which you can post for sale ads – other items you can give away to family, friends or charity, and what remains and you think you will need when you return from your travels, you can always store in a self storage unit. You will find many facilities on the market that put at your disposal the type of public storage space you requiem, and renting a unit is not as expensive as you might think. This option will allow you to save on apartment rent costs, while still knowing all of your belongings are kept safe and you can use them as soon as you return home.

Purchase travel insurance

Traveling around the world can have its risks and downsides, so being prepared for any potential challenge can make a difference and contribute to how much you will end up enjoying your trips. One of the recommended things to do is purchasing travel insurance. Perhaps you will face a robbery, or you might be involved in an accident and get injured – unexpected unpleasant things can happen, and a travel insurance might come in handy when you least expect it.

Handle the immunization process

Visiting your doctor or healthcare provider is a must before a long term international travel. Because you might be visiting destinations that are not quite safe from a health point of view, getting the right immunizations and vaccines prior to your departure is necessary. Some shots might require even up to 6 months between series, so discussing immediately with your healthcare provider is advised.  

Check your passport

Perhaps your passport has expired or it will expire during your travels, so checking this detail out with care should be one of your priorities. Having more than enough validity is useful, because you can never know if you might want to prolong your trip for more than initially planned. Also, research the countries that require a visa to be entered, and send in your applications early, because you probably do not want to miss out on an important destination just because you have overlooked visa requirements.

Buy your plane tickets

Last but not least, make sure you purchase all of your plane tickets with sufficient time in advance.  If you are planning to visit a lot of country, the amount you will need to pay for international transportation can be quite expensive, so anything you can save in this department will be useful. If you are organized, and you purchase the majority of your plane ticket early, you can benefit from great discounts and deals. Analyze your intermarry and try to remain flexible when it comes to flight possibilities, including airlines, airports and dates – this detail will allow you to cut down on costs.

If you have decided to go on a lifetime adventure, and take some time off work to travel the world, you are probably experiencing many emotions, starting with excitement, however, a long term trip, whether it’s 6 monthd or a year, can easily be ruined by lack of preparation. To make the most of this period, and to not let any inconvenience prevent you from enjoying the experience to the fullest, make sure to take into account the tips mentioned above. As long as you do everything on this list, you can get started with your trip while having peace of mind.

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