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Everything You Need to Know About the RTA Theory Test

The RTA theory test is a written one that involves a lot of studying and applying the knowledge that you assimilated. Without thorough studying, you risk failing the test on your first attempt, which will only complicate the situation even more. In order to avoid this uncomfortable situation, you should get informed about the test – the rules you need to respect, the official driver’s handbook, how many questions you need to get right and so on. This article puts together the necessary information so that you can start this journey with your right foot. Here’s what you need to know about the test:

Read the official driver’s handbook at least once

The safest way to get the information for the RTA theory test is by reading the official driver’s handbook. This handbook can be found both in a physical format and a PDF one. Before starting to read the handbook, make sure that the year is updated. Each year, new changes and rules are included in the handbook and these modifications can be found among the questions included in the written text. The legislation is subject to change pretty often, so you always need to stay up to date regarding them.

Reading the official driver’s handbook is a step that you can’t skip. It’s best to get your handbook early and start reading it on chapters. Re-reading each chapter will help you consolidate the information and apply it when taking the final test. The PDF version is convenient if you want to read while commuting without taking the book with you all the time. Just upload the PDF version on your phone and read it whenever you have a moment.   

Start studying early before taking your exam

The biggest mistake that people make when they start studying for the exam has to do with when they do it. Starting the studying process just a month before the exam won’t be enough. If you want to be a good driver that respects the rules, you have to make sure that you remember all the things you learn for a long time. By studying superficially, just before the exam takes place, you won’t remember many things, even though you might be lucky and pass the exam. The goal is to understand what you are studying and apply the information you learn when being on the roads. That is the whole purpose of the test.

To make that possible, you should start studying long before your RTA theory test date. Cramming all the information right before the exam is not a recommended method as you risk failing on the first try. When you first read the handbook, you might be overwhelmed with all the information included there. Starting early will give you the opportunity to segment the information according to how much time you have left.

Take a lot of practice tests

Once you read the handbook and you feel prepared to start taking practice tests, you can choose your favorite platform to do it and go ahead. You can either take practice tests on your mobile phone, using an app or by accessing a website. Make sure that the website you are using for your practice texts includes questions that are appropriate for the laws and regulations of the state you are in. These rules might differ from one state to another, and you have to make sure that the information you have learned is suitable for the location you are in.

Taking a lot of online practice tests will help you get used with the questions. Many of them are repetitive, which means that if you take enough practice tests, you will assimilate the information easier. Some of these questions might be encountered during the exam. Don’t get discouraged if you get a few questions wrong, but try to learn from your mistakes and do not repeat them when you stumble upon the respective questions again. The whole purpose of these practice tests is to apply the information you have studied the proper way. Practice tests are free, so whenever you feel like you want to take one, just visit your favorite website and get to work.  

Control your emotions

Emotions will definitely take over you during the exam. You need to learn how to maintain yourself calm and control your emotions. Direct your energy and adrenaline towards what you have to do for a beneficial result. Don’t try to study one or two days before the exam. It’s enough if you revise your knowledge a week before the exam. By now, the information you have assimilated should be clear and you can have a couple of days to relax before taking the exam.

Make sure you eat well in the morning of the exam, as well as following your regular routine. Avoid losing sleep the night before and adopt a positive attitude. Seek for encouragement by discussing with your friends and family members. People who already went through this experience can help you control your emotions before the exam. The attitude you adopt will strongly influence your mindset during the exam.

Save the tricky questions for later

In case the first questions you encounter when you start the RTA test happen to be trickier, save them for later. You can flag the questions and you will return to them once you answer all the others. Don’t get stuck on one question because you are not sure about the answer. If you spend a lot of time thinking about the answer, you will end up being stressed by the time you have left. Keep in mind that you will only have 30 minutes to complete the questions. In order to pass, you need 36 correct answers. There is nothing you should worry about if you followed all the steps below. Don’t let emotions take over you and focus on the questions only. Take your time to remember the information you have studied and everything will turn out just fine.

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