Facebook Timeline App for iPad

Everyone knows how popular the social network Facebook has become. With more and more persons owning top of the line gadgets and the latest smartphones on the market, it’s no wonder social networks have grown so much. As a matter of fact, people are even starting to unlock iPhone 5 devices only to be able to have better Internet offers and use Facebook more often! Timeline has made it possible for the facebook application to be used directly on your iPad, knowing for certain that you will feel the need to stay connected to your account. Since this feature is available for almost any type of mobile phone, it has now become active even for your tablet.

Facebook for ipad
allows you to check your account, do check ins, post comments or upload pictures, all in the newest facebook interface. You can check out a promotional video on how the final version of the facebook application will look like, after all the features are fully completed and functional.

Facebook for ipad is the best place to put all of your pictured, update your status and let your friends know a little bit about you. Easy to communicate through, you can share opinions, your life style, your thoughts and many other details about yourself. If you don’t have yet a Facebook account, you can start making one, directly from your tablet. Though it was supposed to be launched on December, last year, it seems that there has been a delay, until the late January.

This application is already available for download and it works perfectly for the iPod and the iPhone devices. It’s only a matter of time, until it will become functional for the tablet as well. Stay tuned and be the first to get his hands on this amazing featuring, the Facebook feature for iPad or get your smartphone up to date and look for a service that allows you to unlock iPhone 5 devices and begin using Facebook right on your phone. .

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