Fall Wedding Ideas

Autumn is traditionally the wedding season and also the season of deep and true feelings. In autumn you can enjoy the generous gifts of nature and the unique colors with which the entire universe seems to celebrate your love. Bring all these to your fall wedding to adorn this beautiful, unique and magic day of your life.

For a fall wedding, decorations can be inspired by the rich palette of colors found in nature. You can make both elegant and simple decorations, using as a guide only nature. The autumn season for tropical flowers is very rich, and for a fall wedding theme you can always have floral arrangements with added fruits that will give an extra touch of freshness and fun to the wedding decor. Wild flowers are also a very successful choice. And remember, because of the lower temperature all arrangements will last longer.

Colors like chocolate brown, gold or yellow can be part of the floral arrangements and a special effect can be achieved using branches of corylus, for example. Arches and pillars decorated with tulle, bouquets with orange chrysanthemums, rusty leaves or ears of yellow wheat. For the table decorations you can use pine cones, rosehip, fruits and nuts, leaf-shaped decorative candles that float in a bowl with water and caramelized apple lollipops.Ideas for a fall wedding theme are many; you can also opt for grapes, dried fruit or cinnamon.

The aspect of the wedding invitations is also very important, because invitations announce the entire atmosphere and refined style of the wedding and it is the first contact between guests and the happy couple. You can opt for leaf-shaped invitations or handmade invitations in tone with the wedding colors. Another great idea is to find inspiration in women’s fashion for autumn, and see what colors are popular in the season you’re having the wedding. This will not only help you come up with unique decor ideas for your wedding, but it will inspire you in choosing a wedding dress as well, the most important element. Women’s fashion is always changing, but this is why you can rely on it to supply you with new ideas.

Because, the wedding takes place in autumn, the wedding rings can be placed on autumn leaves instead of the common pillow with lace and ruffles. The gold reflexes of the rings contrast beautifully with the copper red shades of the leaves. Also, the bridal bouquet must be in tone with the fall wedding theme. You can opt for a bouquet with small chrysanthemums and choose for your bridal hairstyle natural seasonal flowers. For a fall wedding the cake can be decorated with flowers and seasonal fruit. Thus, the autumnal accents are given by the cascade of fruits or tiny pumpkins that adorn the wedding cake. A wedding cake with fruit flavor and delicious hazelnut cream is a combination that will remain unforgettable in the memory of guests. Finally, the benefits of a fall wedding are endless, and the multitude of beautiful flowers and the warm colors of the season arouse the most wonderful feelings.

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