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Fantastic Cupcake Designs

A bowl of cupcakes can look great on anyone’s coffee table. Imagine how welcoming your living room will become by providing such delicious treats. Your coffee table will become the center piece of the room, especially if you turn to some great cupcake designs that can embellish the aspect of these sweets.

If you want to offer your friends and family a great surprise, you should opt for impressing them with a bowl full of colorful cupcakes. You can be confident that the funny cupcakes designs that you will opt for will make them enter a cheerful mood and appreciate your efforts and creativity. So, let your imagination free and create some cupcakes ornaments that will make these confectionery look even more appetizing. Here are some ideas that might help you regarding this matter.

The most easiest cupcake designs imply baking you usual chocolate cupcakes and decorating them with red fondant in order to create some ladybirds cupcakes. All you have to do is roll out the red fondant and cut the number of red circles that you think are necessary to cover your cupcakes. Next, you need to cut a small portion out of the circle and split the large piece in half.

Add a small amount of water on the reverse of the larger pieces and place them on top of a cupcake by splaying them apart. That way you will obtain the wings of the ladybird. Use tiny drops of chocolate to recreate the eyes and the spots that a ladybeetle has on its wings. If you want your ladybirds to look more cheerful you can use a sharp knife or a plastic pen cap to create a smile on their face.

Christmas tree cupcake designs are amazing. They have a great visual impact, and they are very simple to make. The first thing that you need to do is bake some chocolate cupcakes, and secure one strawberry on each one of the brownie by using a dab of frosting. Fill up a piping bag with green frosting, and cover the whole strawberry by applying from the base and pulling away in order to create the Christmas tree branches.

You can decorate the cupcakes with stars made from fondant, and cover them with white peppermint pearls and red hots. Furthermore, you can sprinkle them with edible glitter or powdered sugar to imitate a thin layer of snow.

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