Fashion Icons of the 20th Century

There have been many stars who served as role models for people who got inspired from them. Their attitude and their styles were the main sources of inspiration that people used in order to create a similar lifestyle and an impeccable look. Therefore, fashion icons started to set new trends and tendencies which were adopted by everyone who aspired to a luxurious life.

If you like reading fashion advice websites, you must have noticed by now that while designers dictate the trends, it is the celebrities that put the trends in motion. Among some of the biggest fashion icons of the 20th Century, we can find models, singers and actresses. However, the majority of them are represented by women, since men didn’t have such big inclination towards fashion those days. Kate Moss was declared the best dressed person from the 90s as she polled 62.5 per cent of the vote. Linda Evangelista, Erin O’Connor and Victoria Beckham won second, third and fourth place respectively.

Madonna is the artist who won the first place in the 80s as the best dressed person, after adopting the “Material Girl” look in one of her music videos. She got inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s bleached blonde hair and by her bright red lips. That was the look that helped Madonna to win the public’s sympathy. After voting her No.1, people directed their attention to Princess Diana and to the actress Joan Collins, and voted them as some of the most important fashion icons of the 20th century.

However, Princess Diana was very loved by people all over the world, so no matter if she dressed well or not, they would have still voted her as one of the best dressed persons, because she was a beautiful woman with a beautiful personality.

According to numerous fashion advice websites, Debbie Harry, David Bowie and Bianca Jagger are three of the 70s most famous fashion icons. They impressed with their bold style which helped many young women to forget about being conservative and to get over their inhibitions. After all, fashion represents a way to express a personality and to separate one person from another. Therefore, it should be used as a tool to describe yourself.

The 60s were marked by Brigitte Bardot, the Beatles, and people like Edie Sedgwick and Twiggy. They were the ones who introduced many new elements and styles that would be adopted by the next generations. So, all these people helped fashion to evolve and become what it is today. Therefore, we must be grateful for their contribution.

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