Foolproof strategies to increase sales performance and boost revenue

In a perfect world, any business owner be able to enjoy unlimited budget, efficient online and offline marketing, a strong customer base, productive employees and great profit. However, since we are not living in a perfect world, every entrepreneur who wants to thrive on a specific market has to work very hard in order to raise startup capital, identify the target audience, stimulate his employees and analyze traditional and modern advertising methods, from posters and flyers to event sponsorship and social media while fulfilling other important responsibilities. Practically, a business owner must learn how to divide his attention in order to stay up to date with everything happening within the company while working towards developing innovative strategies to pave the road to success. However, we all know that in order to thrive you have to overcome one or more obstacles along the way. In the business environment, this means that you will have to apply fast solutions to unexpected problems and rise from the ashes.

Sales performance proves to be a challenge for most organizations

Taking into account all the objectives of a company, the most important being constant and even increased revenue, sales professionals must bear the pressure of meeting expectations that sometimes prove to be unrealistic. In fact, a good percentage of B2B companies acknowledge that maintaining and improving sales performance probably represents one of the biggest challenges. Most of these organizations resort to a single solution, which consists in hiring more people who can join the already existing team and bring satisfactory results. Even though this clearly shows that they try to solve the problem, it also shows that they are not doing enough; they are not putting effort in analyzing and changing, if necessary, their sales techniques. In order to make a difference, such organizations need to examine the sales process closely in order to find the hidden flaws and fix them. The solutions mentioned below have the purpose to help managers increase sales productivity.

Ongoing sales training and technology facilitate the sales department work

The right way to start is by providing ongoing training to the sales team. Taking into consideration that most business owners want to make more money fast while saving money, this method might not be to their liking because it requires time and significant financial investment. However, having a highly trained professional sales team will prove to be truly invaluable on the long term. According to statistics, after opting for sales coaching, managers notice a difference of almost 90% in sales performance. Unfortunately, not many of them consider this incredible change. Allocating a small amount of money monthly so that members of the sales department absorb the best practices fades if you look at the benefits. Since we are talking about investments, we cannot help but discuss about automating certain non-selling tasks in order to allow the sales representative to focus on actually selling the products or services advertised by the company. Even though multitasking represents a quality in this world, it can actually decrease productivity.

The communication between the sales and marketing department is priceless

The next step that business managers have to take refers to setting their priorities straight; in this case, marketing alignment and sales. If the marketing department and the sales department are not on the same page, they waste precious time necessarily and lose the opportunity of making more sales. Once these two departments start sharing the same objectives and information, the business owner will not only enjoy increased sales and revenue, but also a harmonious relationship within the company. In order to nourish this relationship between the two parties, managers must apply certain solutions, which include creating an open line of communication, establishing a formal contract (SLA) between marketing and sales, never stop thinking about the customer’s needs and ultimately, celebrating success. After all, too much work might affect the physical and mental health of employees and sometimes taking a break is more than necessary. Stepping away from all the responsibilities and obligations in the workplace might even result in creative ideas that an employee can apply for making improvement in the sales department.

Cold calling represents a popular and efficient technique of increasing sales

Moving on to the actual ways of boosting sales and revenue, these refer to monitoring the results provided by the current marketing technique, implementing another pricing strategy, diversifying the goods offered to the public, developing positive relationships with customers and expanding the distribution channels. Successful business owners use certain staple strategies and advanced tools to generate sales leads and increase revenue. The most popular technique is cold calling, which resembles telemarketing, but does not include the call center. If some members in the sales team do not meet the standards when it comes to keeping the customer on the phone and actually selling, the business owner should consider joining forces with a telesales professional. Of course, any person would panic when suddenly receiving a call from a stranger. For this reason, the person at the other end of the line must have the experience to captivate the customer’s attention and interest.

Organizations can use advanced tools in order to expand the client base and boost revenue

The second technique relies on networking and business owners have two possibilities: they can become a strong presence in community organizations or they can stay on top of the trends and visit popular websites like Facebook and LinkedIn, create a profile and make contacts. Both of these methods have the purpose to expand the customer base and implicitly, boost the sales. Another effective strategy consists in generating referrals and references with the help of business contacts who have been using the products or services offered because they prefer them in the detriment of other goods provided by competitors. These contacts can offer positive testimonials that might persuade other prospective customers to purchase the same products and services. Thanks to the evolution of technology, nowadays business owners have the possibility of driving potential new customers and increasing sales through different methods or strategies. These involve affiliate marketing and social media advertising, among others.

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