Formula One Racing

Formula One racing, a Grand Prix or a Formula One race is a sporting event that lasts 3 days (most of the times from Friday to Sunday). Before the race on Sunday there are organized a series of practice and qualifying sessions. The regulations in force stipulate that there are allowed two free practice session on Friday, a qualifying session and a practice session on Saturday and the race on Sunday, although the organizing scheme of the weekend has changed many times over the history of the Grand Prix.

Formula One racing makes reference to a class of motor sport, for which there are used race cars that have a single seat and are open-wheeled. Open-wheeled cars are characterized by the fact that they do not have the wheel inside the body of the car, like regular cars and stock cars, whose wheels are placed under the fenders; they have the wheel outside the body of the car. The name of this sport suggests that the Formula One is the peak of the formula racing, having the best drivers handling the most technically advanced and most powerful cars. To win the Formula One championship automatically nominates you the best driver in the world. But, not anyone can jump into a Formula One car impulsively and races to success. Nowadays’ drivers are quite the veterans when it comes to formula racing, as they have behind years of practice and thousands of miles before they become ready for the final test in the latest driving machine.

Formula One racing must meet many sever regulations; specific rules or formulas determine how cars must be constructed and precisely how a race must take place. The rules for Formula One are of two different categories. There are sporting regulations which cover all aspects of the way in which the race is going to run, from how a race starts to how it is finished and everything in between the two moments. And, there are technical regulations, the second category of rules that stipulate the specific details that must be met regarding the major systems of the car, such as the engine, suspension and transmission.

One might think that all these regulations and rules take away all the fun and excitement of the Formula One racing, but in fact, thanks to these rules and regulations the driver’s skills are elevated to center stage. Furthermore, it also displays the efficiency and performance of the cars themselves. Therefore, it is no surprise to find that names like Ferrari, McLaren and Lotus are now synonymous with automotive superiority.

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