Funniest Hockey Terms and Expressions

We love stats and we love hockey, but sometimes we don’t understand all the terms. After watching the ice hockey competitions of the 2014 Winter Olympics where 12 themes competed in the men’s tournament and 8 in the women’s, we can’t help but love this sport even more. Of course, Canada went undefeated through both tournaments and repeated as gold medalist after the Vancouver events. Among the numerous hockey terms and expressions these are the funniest ones:

Butterfly style
In ice hockey, butterfly style does not refer to a pretty colorful puck, but to a technique of goal-tending in which the goaltender secures the lower part of the net by dropping to the knees to block any attempts to score. Actually this term comes from the resemblance the spread hands and goal pads to the wings of a butterfly. Even if this style is popular among goaltenders, it has downside: the upper portion of the net is more exposed to scoring attempts.

A deke is an ice hockey technique originally referred to quickly pushing the puck laterally of forward with the forehand and then catching it on the backhand, or the other way around. As hockey has evolved, it is now used to describe a player getting pass an opponent or faking out an opponent. The Canadian term is formed by abbreviating decoy. The deke can be used to move the puck past the opposing player, to move it out of reach or to quickly change direction of the puck so the opponent is caught off position. This is one of the hockey terms with a meaning outside the game, as Canadians use it daily to refer to making a quick detour or deceiving someone.

Cup of coffee
This North American idiom refers to the short amount time spend by a minor league player at the major league level. Cup of coffee is one of the best hockey terms, as it derives from the idea that the player was only in the big leagues long enough to enjoy a cup of coffee before returned to the minors. Although the term originated in baseball, it is often used in ice hockey and sometimes in basketball.

A grinder is an ice hockey player known for his hard work and checking rather than for his scoring. Although this player has limited offensive skills, he is valuable to the team due to physical fore-checking skills along the boards (grinding along the boards). Usually the grinder is the one to willingly endure the physical abuse of going into corners to get the puck, but he also sets up the goals for the team’s offensive stars.

Other hockey terms
Because there are dozens of funny hockey terms and expressions, choosing just some of them is a difficult task. Other terms worth mentioning are sin bin, or the penalty box, biscuit, used to describe the puck and slap shot, a shot in which a player raises the stick behind and strikes with great power. The Statue of Liberty is then the goalie makes a save with the glove and then holds it up and the lighting the lamp is when the light behind the goal is lit.

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