Get the most out of your smartphone – privacy, security and functionality


Texting, social media browsing, video calling, blog reading – you use your smartphone on a daily basis for a wide range of activities, and if you are like the majority of today’s users, you probably can no longer image your life without this device. Considering how attached people are to their smartphones, it’s surprising that many of them do not exactly get the most of their devices, and overlook some important characteristics. If you want to know what’s new in terms of privacy, security and functionality improvements lately, you might find useful receiving a few pointers. Here are some ways in which you can take your smartphone usage a level further:

Activate a phone finding feature

Losing or having your smartphone stolen can happen in any given situation. Even if repurchasing a new mobile might not bring you a financial inconvenience, considering you might have stored important files, text massages, or photographs that you didn’t have the chance to back up, finding your smartphone will probably be a priority for you. Well, if you have made the decision to add a phone finding feature to your device, things will become easier in the eventuality of a theft or mobile loss. If you have the phone connected to the Internet, you will be offered an exact location pointer, which will enable you to get a hold of your Android or iPhone. This is one of the first features to activate when buying a new smartphone.

Security mechanisms

From choosing a stronger access password for your phone, in order for no one to access it if you lose it or have it stolen, to considering encrypting the device for increased protection, make sure to research all the security mechanisms you can resort to, in order to keep your device protected. Installing an anti malware system can also be beneficial, considering you might face the situation of entering a website or downloading an app less than reliable, which might come with malicious content. Also, using VPN when browsing the internet is a recommended possibility as well, if you don’t want anyone to hack into your internet browsing history or view live what you are doing on the internet.

Protection against unknown callers

As you probably know by now, there are many scams being done through calls, and if you have a more inconvenient subscription plan, for example, even by answering to unknown, scamming number, you can be subject to extremely high costs. At the same time, you might not want to miss out an important phone call, just because you don’t know the number. Well, luckily, as an Android or iPhone user, you now have the possibility to find out who’s calling through a phone number lookup.  You will find platforms that give you the possibility to ID the numbers that are contacting you. In just a few simple steps, you will get a name linked to that call, which will certainly be extremely convenient in various situations. From avoiding to deal with sales persons who simply do not take no for an answer, to avoiding potential scams, a reverse phone search will be extremely advantageous to resort to. However, make sure to choose a reliable website that guarantees to include in your search report even unlisted or private cell phones.

Install the most popular apps

With such an appealing a verity in terms of mobile applications, why not take advantages of what these can bring to the table? Although the number of options you have put your disposal is a virtually endless one, making it impossible for you to actually download all apps, there are a few ones that remain the most popular among users, and you should have them in your phone yourself. The following are the apps that should catch your attention first (of course, excluding the commonly known Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or Snapcash, which you have probably installed and used a long time ago):

  • Pandora – because you probably use your mobile for music streaming all the time, you should make things a bit easier in this department, and resort to the popular music streaming service Pandora. Over 41 percent of users have this particular app installed on their smart devices, and considering it’s a free service, that gives you access to millions of songs, it’s no wonder why.
  • Google maps – if you haven’t downloaded Google maps by now, then you should definitely do so right now, this being the most popular app for directions, competing even with Apples’ similar application.
  • Taxi apps – nowadays, you don’t have to make a call to get a cab, because you can use an app for that. With just a few clicks, you will have a car sent to your front door, the most popular option in this department being Uber
  • Netflix – having the chance to watch your favorite tv-shows on the go is certainly an appealing prospect. Well, nowadays, you have the possibility to do so by installing Netflix on your device. Stream your preferred shows whether you are on the bus to work, or on a car ride with your friends.
  • Amazon app – if you want to make your online shopping sprees even more convenient, you should think about downloading the Amazon app as well. If you are like the majority internet users, you probably resort to Amazon for different purchase needs, and with a mobile app at your disposal, your online shopping will become much more comfortable.

As you can see, it’s possible to get more out of your smartphone, if you are aware of a few useful tricks, use the right features and install useful apps. In the digital age, people have become somewhat addicted to their mobiles, many of them still do not exactly take advantage of everything these devices have to offer, mainly due to lack of information. Now that you know a few things on the subject, perhaps you will start making some changes in the way you use your mobile device.

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