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Getting Compensation for Personal Injury after a Car Accident


You have been involved in a car accident in Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, you have been hospitalized after the car crash. The question is now: do you need an accident attorney? Whether or not you need to contact an attorney after a car accident depends on what happened and what injuries you have suffered as a result. If you have suffered neck or back injuries, monetary losses or lost productive work time in the form of absenteeism, you should hire a legal practitioner.

When you suffer harm from an accident caused by negligence, you have a personal injury case. This means that you can recover compensation for damages. If you have been wounded in an auto accident, you are due monetary compensation for medical bills, lost income, and other expenses from the other driver’s car insurance company. An accident attorney, especially an experienced Colorado Springs personal injury attorney, can help you get compensation for injuries at the level of your body, mind, and emotions.

Should You Handle Your Own Car Accident Claim?

You can file a personal injury claim yourself and thus save on legal fees. But is this a good idea? It is not advisable to handle a car accident claim without a lawyer. Without legal representation, you will fail to get the compensation you are entitled to. Even if you do receive an injury settlement, it will not be a high one. If you are determined to go down this path, hire a personal injury attorney.

A lawyer specializing in personal injury in the state of Colorado has knowledge of law and procedural rules. As a matter of fact, legal professionals spend years and hours studying the law and gathering information so as to best represent their clients. Attempting to handle the claim on your own will only complicate things. Do yourself a favor and call an attorney. The insurance company you are making a personal injury claim against will surely have attorneys battling for them.

What to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney after the Car Accident

Seeking help from a personal injury attorney is the best thing you can do for your case. A legal practitioner will guide you through the process and get you a fair settlement. As you are trying to figure out what should be done next, take the time to ask your lawyer these questions after the crash:

  1. What compensation can I get?

The very first thing car accident victims want to know is what compensation they can expect. It is the first things you should ask your Colorado Springs personal injury attorney. The compensation you receive for your car accident claim depends on your specific circumstances. The amount of money is calculated based on aspects like injuries, rehabilitation, missed work, damage to the car, etc.

  1. How long will it take to solve the case?

The medical bills will start to stack up, which is the reason why it is important to know how long exactly it will take until you receive compensation for your injuries. You have to realize that your life will be disrupted by participation at legal proceedings and medical board investigations. The attorney will not be able to tell you for sure how long the case will take or when you will get your settlement but they should be able to make an estimate.

  1. Am I entitled to compensation for future medical expenses?

Trauma can cause problems for months at an end, possibly years. You have peace of mind knowing that you will be rewarded and you will be able to pay your current medical bills. But what do you do if you have a recurrent medical problem? You can make a claim for future medical expenses. Can you? Your lawyer is the only one who can tell you what compensation injury you are entitled to. Make sure to ask the legal professional if you are entitled to this kind of payment and if they are capable of arguing your case in court.

Types of Car Insurance Cover for Personal Injury

When seeking compensation, you must have a good understanding of the types of auto insurance that offer protection for personal injury.

  • Personal Injury Protection. Colorado personal injury protection – no-tort insurance coverage – pays for medical costs, even if the car crash was your fault. It covers medical expenses as well as lost wages accidents and funeral expenses.
  • Medical Payments Coverage. It is like the personal injury protection cover, the only difference being that it does not cover lost income and funeral expenses.

Starting a Car Accident Claim

  • Gather Documentation

To create a strong case and ultimately to help your lawyer, you need to gather documentation relating to the car accident. It is a good idea to write down details, like when and where In Colorado Springs the crash took place, how it happened, who caused the accident. These details may not seem of great importance but they are. They will help your personal injury attorney build a strong case. Write down as many things as you can remember. Equally important is to keep onto things like documents pertaining to medical care or letters from your employer.

  • Claim Damages

Personal injury damages are referred to “compensatory”, which means that they are meant to compensate the plaintiff. They include:

  • Specific Damages. They cover any financial aspect you require.
  • General Damages (non-economic damages). They are highly subjective and are therefore hard to calculate. Examples include pain and suffering and lost wages.

In the event that the defendant was particularly negligent, you can claim punitive damages too. If you have suffered great losses, you are sure to be awarded punitive damages.   


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