Gifts and souvenirs for a fabulous wedding

There is an old tradition to offer a small gift to each family or person who is invited to receptions for special occasions such as weddings. These gifts have a double role, that of symbolically saying ‘Thank you’, but also as a wedding souvenir. The souvenirs should be in tone with the chosen wedding theme, but also should reflect the couple’s personality. Make sure that once you make your decision you include the guest gifts in the wedding planner checklist. This way you won’t have to deal with any confusions during the reception. Read on about gifts and souvenirs for a fabulous wedding.

    • Wedding gifts and souvenirs should always be wrapped in a box or in a paper bag and embellished with a ribbon before offering them to guests. You can use ribbons in the same color or you can combine two discrete patterns or choose a ribbon with an interesting detail. Also, stamps are a good way to personalize the boxes. The idea is that the surface on which the stamps are placed to be smooth, but not glossy. Choose stamps with a motif to be in tone with your wedding theme. Very elegant would be to wrap the box in tulle or organza and to add a ribbon with monogram. Another idea that is subtle, but surprising is to place a mini card with a message of thanks.
    • Offer handmade souvenirs. If your wedding takes place in summer, place colored paper fans in front of each guest. Offer handmade bookmarks. Make small bags with lavender and embellished them with colored ribbon. Buy small jars, fill them with spices and place a small card with the name of the spice and where can be used. There are a lot of ideas, all you have to do is be creative and use your imagination. Cheap wedding party favors don’t have to be banal or unoriginal; the more you use your creativity, the more will your guests be impressed.
    • You can offer lucky objects as wedding souvenirs. Lucky amulets encourage optimism and positive energy. Inspire yourself from the tradition, from feng shui and other cultures to find out what items you can offer. Wooden elephants bring power, long life, patience, understanding and energy. The frog symbolizes longevity and fidelity. Bamboo objects bring positive energy. You can offer bamboo sticks or small bamboo plants in pots.
    • Thank your guests for coming at the wedding by offering flowers, seeds or flower pots or different plants. For example, plant in a small pot, lavender or other plant you prefer. Place a small card with the guest’s name and the table’s number for the gift to have double functionality, both as souvenir and as escort card. Another idea is to fill a basket with small packages of flower seeds and place it at the entrance of the reception. Place a small card on each package with a thanks message and the lyrics of your first dance wedding song.
    • If you want to take care of all details related to wedding gifts and souvenirs, it is good to give children different gifts from those of adults. Children love bells, whistles or anything that makes a beautiful sound. The bell will serve primarily as a toy and then as a reminder that they were at the wedding.

If you choose different souvenirs for the children, don’t forget to include them in the wedding planner checklist. A lot of people make the mistake of making a wedding to do list that only focuses on the main aspects of the ceremony and reception. However if you want to have a perfect wedding you need to double check everything even the smallest of details such as the guest souvenirs.

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