GMO Busters HD

And there it is, the long waited GMO Busters HD, an exclusive creation of a Turkish developer! Preserving the original idea of the world known Angry Birds game, this iPad app is better, funnier and transmits a different message. If your kid is tired of seeing your soccer games on television you should give him the occasion of doing something that should keep his mind busy in playing on a funny and captivating game like the iPad application – GMO Busters HD.

GMO Busters HD stands for Genetically Modified Organisms and it starts with transforming the natural fruits, into a sort of genetic cute monsters. They are used to launch on other trapped fruits and vegetables which were modified. It’s quite funny to see those big eyed tiny creatures, flying everywhere to help you complete your level. You can also slice and cut altered tomatoes in this funny iPad app. The bio tomatoes do their best into fighting with these creatures, for they are fighting to protect the Earth and stop the GMO from multiplying.

The graphics is great, seeing cartooned tomatoes flying in different corners of the screen. There are more than a hundred levels to play, each having a specific difficulty based on the same concept: the destruction of the GMO crops! You get a certain score for smashing those altered vegetables. The quicker you eliminate them, the better score you will be given!

This interesting iPad app can be found in any app store for free, also providing enjoyable background music during the game. If you want to expand your package, you can buy additional levels and continue wrestling with the negative elements of Mother Nature.

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