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If you are unfamiliar with golf, you probably believe that it is a lot more relaxing than other sports. After all, it does not require a sports suit. Nevertheless, a quick look down a golf course, will show you that while the rules of golf style are unwritten, they are rather obvious and well known by the players. In the early years of this sport, men used to wear knickers, tweed jackets and waistcoats. Although these elements can still be found in some golf fashion trends, nowadays, golf trends are a lot more versatile. Today we are going to give you a few style tips in order to help you look like a pro on the golf course, even if this is your first time playing.

Blending function with style

The main rule of golf style is to seemingly blend functionality with style. You need to pick casual outfits which look elegant yet are comfortable enough in order to allow you to move freely. Both shorts and long pants are acceptable. They should be combined with sport shirts and sport shoes. However, each clothing element must fit certain length and size standards.

Size standards

As far as golf shirts go, the length of the sleeves is very important. While all short sleeves are acceptable, it is ideal for them to be three quarters of the way to the shoulders. Shorter sleeves are only recommended for fit men. However, one thing is for sure, you should never wear shirts which cover your elbows. If the weather is chilly and you wear a sweater over a golf shirt, it is important for the collar tips to stand inside, in order to create a trim look. If you wear long pants, they should be long enough in order to kiss the top of the shoes without covering them. On the other hand, if you wear shorts, they should fall above the knee caps in order not to look sloppy. However, they should not be too short, otherwise you will look obscene. As far as the shorts style go, avoid actual sport shorts but choose casual shorts. Long socks were an important part of the early golf trends, as they were used in order to tuck the trousers in. However, nowadays, the socks should be as high as your ankles.

 Stand out in a crowd

If you think that most golf style outfits are boring and resemble more an office look than they do a sport suits, you can mix your style a little in order to stand out in a crowd. For example, bright color combinations are not frown upon as long as they are worn with style. Furthermore, patters are also acceptable. Mixing two types of patters in a single outfit is rather challenging which is why we advise you to leave such challenges to the overly stylish men.

These tips will help you look good on the golf course, but remember that despite the fact that golf is one of the most elegant sports, in the end, what really matters is skill. Click here is you want to know how to look good on the golf course, while also crushing your opponents. On that website, you will find some very useful golf instruction tips.

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