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Good Relationship Songs That Will Inspire You

We have gathered a great collection of good relationship songs that will inspire you, offer a piece of advice and celebrate the love we share, as well.

Say by John Mayer

The lyrics of the song Say by John Mayer offer some great wise advice for all couples. Many times, it is difficult for us to express yourselves and we choose to remain quiet. And, sometimes, you hold too many unsaid words and unexpressed feelings for so much time and they end up consuming you and crushing you; they take out the best in you. So, we should learn to express ourselves more often. However, you need to be careful with the things you say, because, once you say something, it cannot be unsaid.

Breakeven by The Script

Breakeven from the Script is truly a one of the good relationship songs that gives a great advice: even if you suffer, and you feel like your entire world is falling down, while your ex-partner seems to be doing just fine without you, or even enjoying themselves, you should never try to get even and to induce them the same suffering they might have caused you. It is never good to make them go through whatever it is that you go through. Even if they are the ones to break up with you, it does not mean that they do not care or that they are not hurt, as well. They had their reasons for doing this and in the end you will realize it is probably for the best and trying to harm them it is not going to make things hurt less for you and neither will it make things right.

Halo by Beyonce

Halo is such a great song. It points out how everything changes for the better once the right person comes along. Finally, all the walls that we built to defend us from the wrong people will be destroyed with that one person’s love and care. When you realize that part of embracing life and love is accepting the inevitable fear of getting hurt, of being left alone, you will be content and ready to receive love. There are people who come in our lives and offer us safety; they make us feel like everything will be ok. They make our words come easier, our feelings are more easily expressed, and we feel comfortable around them and safe. It is certainly a one of the few good relationship songs that points out exactly how many of us feel.

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