Great family activities: making your own Christmas decorations

Christmas is finally coming! The most important holiday of the year is weeks away and it is very important to start getting ready for the big event. Since it is a bit too early to start looking for a tree or to bake the ginger bread men, you could do something else. Everyone knows that Christmas is the kind of holiday that should be spent surrounded by your family. Since this event has such an important meaning, so should the preparations for it be. The truth is that the 25th December event is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. Apart from siting together around the tree, you could gain a few hours preparing the tree decorations. Handmade decorations are beautiful crafts that have that special meaning, without being perfect in appearance. When buying decorations from stores, you are most likely interested in appearance. However, when choosing to make your own decorations, you tree will have a great significance, even though it won’t look perfect. This being said, here are three ideas you could put into practice together with your family.

The ribbon decorations: an absolute must

There is nothing to serve you better in celebrating Christmas than ribbons. You will find tons of them when searching the specialised market. For instance, if you choose to visit, you are bound to discover the classic red and green ribbons, but at the same time, you will be introduced to Christmas bows, having jolly, colourful patterns. To make one of a kind decorations, you need to purchase a few such bows and make a different kind of tinsel this year. You can use glue to keep the bows together or you can sew them on a single band.


Snowmen made of bottle caps

Surely you have all sorts of bottle caps around the house. Instead of throwing them away, you might be wise to collect them. Since snowmen are white, you need to ask your kids to help you. Ask them to paint the caps white and glue them together. It would be great if you could collect caps of different sizes. This way, you could make those ideal snowmen. You could even paint their faces to make everything seem realistic. Surely, your kids are experienced in painting.


Eco-friendly decorations

It might sound strange, but there are eco-friendly decorations and plenty of people are simply in love with these tiny products. On top of these, they look amazing, being simple to make. What you need to do is to collect tiny branches from the garden or the park. When you have collected enough, choose one that is longer and then glue on it, vertically, visibly smaller braches. Once you are done, you will have eco friendly Christmas trees made from old tree branches, an inexpensive and original decoration option.


There are tons of ideas of this kind and there is still plenty of time until Christmas. Talk to your kids and set a day on the calendar to start your crafting. This is one activity that will certainly bring you together as a family, helping you to really enjoy this wonderful event.

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