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Green features people are looking in luxury houses

Your perfect house can be fun, commodious, historic, glamorous, and luxurious. But if you design the house in one of these styles, can you also make it eco-friendly? The good news is that your house can be all these things. Many people have the misconception that being earth conscious implies removing the things that bring comfort to your house. The fact is that the most dazzling properties worldwide are not only luxurious, but they feature green roofs and they draw their power from the wind or sun. Eco-friendly technology allows constructors to build green houses because sustainable design seems to be the latest deluxe amenity people are looking for when buying a home.

Just because a house is large in size it does not mean that it’s carbon footprint has to be the same. There are built more and more environmental friendly luxury homes because the real estate market has to offer options to all types of clients. When browsing the market for a house, green life supporters often are looking for a planet-friendly palace. The majority of them are willing to pay more to get a house with a small or insignificant carbon footprint. Here are the ultimate eco-friendly amenities people want in their luxury homes.

Sustainable materials bought from a local source

Do not have the misconception that this is a new practice before international shipping became a trend, all the construction materials needed when building a house were bought from a local source. The difference is that nowadays when building a house people want to make sure that the materials are also sustainable. Buying materials from a local source comes with challenges in terms of design, but the practice reduces the carbon footprint, therefore all the effort is worth.

Floors made from eco-friendly stone

The floors have a great impact on whether the house is considered green or not because it is one of the most extended surfaces a house has. When it comes to luxury houses there are numerous flooring options available to create them in an eco-friendly manner and maintain their aesthetics. It is important to note that only luxury homes have countless green floors options because the majority of them are expensive. Stone floors have a low impact on the planet and enhance the looks. It is preferred by the persons who want a natural appeal.

Green walls and roofs

Green walls are perfect additions to both apartments and houses because they can be integrated into the design no matter the size of the property. Green walls function similarly to a vertical garden, they can be installed on the interior or exterior of a building, and they naturally insulate it. Alongside the aesthetic effect achieved through this addition, the energy consumption of the house is also reduced and humidity is maintained at a proper level. The overall impact of these walls is positive for both the building and inhabitants.

Green roofs are exactly what their name states, gardens on the top of houses. They are designed in such a way the structure of the house to not experience damages or leakages because of the water used to grow the plants. The roofs allow the homeowners to decide what plants they want to grow at heights but if the owners are not passionate about gardening, they can choose some types of plants that are effective only from the eco-friendliness point of view. Luxury homes often feature green roofs because they create a beautiful landscape, naturally cool the house and increase the efficiency of the building.

Electricity and solar panels

The ones who want to transform their houses in a way that shows their love for the environment take the practices a step further and invest in solar planners and green electricity measures. Luxury houses have their roofs big enough to install solar panels that power all the premises. The house itself is the electrical system, it catches energy from the sun and it transforms it into power. The energy of the sun is unlimited and with the help of a modern system, the homeowners even have the possibility to store power for a long period of time. In this way, they not only that power their houses without damaging the planet, but they also eliminate the waste of energy. Depending on the model of solar panels, they can also be an attractive feature for the building. Many of the luxury London homes have solar panels that are inspired by the architectural style of the buildings.

Luxury houses come with vegetable gardens

To be able to build or construct a luxury house one needs funds, this is something well-known. But it is also known that the persons who invest their money to build an eco-friendly house are adopting a green lifestyle. This means that they find relaxing and nurturing to work in a garden, it is one of the activities that allow them to connect with nature and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Environmental activists use only organic vegetables and fruits to prepare their meals, and if they come from the back of the garden the better. Vegetable gardens are not beneficial only for the homeowner but also for the planet. The homeowner can get a higher price for the property if they want to sell it, and the planet gets another green space to produce oxygen.

High-efficiency amenities and appliances

All houses being them luxury or average ones have something in common, their appliances are the biggest energy-wasters. The washer, dryer, dishwasher, and refrigerator are only some of the appliances that consume the largest amount of energy. Eco-friendly luxury houses are switching to some energy efficient alternatives. All the above appliances are replaced with modern ones that keep the level of energy consumption to a minimum.

A spectacular luxury property doesn’t compromise between effective amenities and appliances and green life. They are forward-thinking properties that meet multiple green credentials, are created according to smart designs and include sustainable features and amenities. Luxury should be the term used to refer to the houses that make the life of the inhabitants better, as eco-friendly practices do.  



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