Grow Your Garden HD

Teach you children elementary math with the newest iPad app! Grow Your Garden HD is an educational application that will make learning for your child more easy. Playing games is surely the best option provided for learning, for kids love to play. They won’t even realize that they have learned to sum up and do deductions, after getting familiar with this colorful iPad app.

There are 12 levels available for an easy learning and they can be passed through with easiness. Grow Your Garden HD has tutorials loved by children that will teach them how to water plants and how to refill the cans with water. At a certain level, things will get a little bit more complicated, for the numbers won’t match up. The action is very simple to understand for an adult. This game helps develop children’s imagination, as it allows them to grow plants and see what they would look like in a garden or beside driveways.

Flowers need a certain quantity of water, measured in drops. With a bit of imagination and some calculations, your child will be able to solve the math mystery and water correctly the plants, to get to another level. There are 12 levels and a number of 36 games in this iPad app. If you wanted to find some easy to grow vegetables, virtual ones are the easiest, because even when you fail, you can immediately start over again with a new batch.

To conclude with, you can easily introduce your child to the world of learning, with interactive games provided by your tablet. Children are full of joy and they simply assimilate things better and quicker, especially if they do this in an adorable manner of playing and being able to grow various flowers and transform gardens and driveways is definitely a very useful thing.

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