Gun control – why it may not be the answer

Gun ownership has been at the center of debate in the US for many years now, after several high profile mass shootings. People have their own point of view which can be affected by various influences including political beliefs and financial interest.

If you are a gun owner, you may be wondering why there is even an issue about control. After all, guns do not kill or harm people; other people do. Why should you be subject to intense scrutiny when all you want to do is check out these reviews to get the best scope for your weapon, rather than go out and shoot people.

Reasons why gun ownership is important

There are several things that many people who shout for gun control do not understand about why the right to gun ownership is so important. It’s these facts that go against some gun control measures which are being suggested.

  • The Second Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees gun ownership rights.
  • Criminals will always be able to get their hands on guns, so restricting gun ownership for innocent people could put them at risk.
  • Self-defense should be a right that everyone has and guns help to protect this.
  • Guns can help redress the balance when stronger people attack those with less strength, such as women, those with disabilities and older people.

All of these are important reasons why it’s not a good idea to introduce strict gun control measures.

The future for gun control

Despite the fact that many of the gun control measures that are being suggested will not work, many people are still asking for changes to be made. Realistically, the only potential change that could ever be implemented is the expansion of background checks. This is a suggestion that has some backing from all sides, including from a significant number of NRA members. Changes would ensure that background checks are required for every gun sale, including private sales; this is a situation that already exists in some states.

Even this potential element of gun control faces some opposition from gun owners who believe that it infringes on their civil liberties as Americans. After all, why should you have to be checked out to own a firearm when you have a legitimate right to do so and are intending to use it for legal purposes?

All of this means that any gun control measures would be extremely difficult to implement and are unlikely to happen. The onus has to be on law enforcement officials and politicians to look at the reasons why shootings take place, with the aim of preventing as many as possible. President Trump has also suggested that the arming of teachers be considered. All responsible gun owners should also continue to spread the word about owning and using guns in a responsible manner. This is an important responsibility that comes with owning a firearm.

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