Hacking Software Programs

Hacking is an activity that involves using certain tools in order to achieve its purposes. A hacking tool can be represented by a hacking software, or by a program which is designed to sustain this process. There are cases where common software devices are used to assist with hacking. Examples include ActiveX, which is a software framework that adapts its earlier technologies for data downloaded from the Internet. It was first presented in 1996 when it was created by Microsoft, and although it is usually used in its Windows operating system, it can also be exploited as a hacking tool.

Nessus is one of the hacking software programs that is represented by a vulnerability scanner, which is a set of instructions that were written to realize certain computer tasks. Assessing networks, computer systems and applications for weaknesses are just a few of them. Therefore, Nessus is the most popular vulnerability scanner that is used in the world as it took the first place in the security tools survey. Furthermore, it performs scans for the following dangers:

  • Weaknesses that permit a remote hacker to manipulate or access sensitive information on a system.
  • Misconfiguration.
  • Common and simple passwords, default passwords, and blank or absent passwords on some accounts.

Nmap is short from Network Mapper, and it represents a security scanner that was written by Gordon Lyon, who is a hacker and an open source programmer. By building the program, this network security expert developed a tool for discovering services and hosts on a computer network, and for creating a map of the network. This security scanner is one of the hacking software programs that feature some properties which are extensible by scripts.

The software is able to adjust to network conditions such as congestion and latency during a scanning process. At first, it was only a Linux utility, but it was ported to Microsoft Windows, BSD and Solaris alternatives. However, the most popular platform remains Linux. Here are the properties that it features:

  • It can discover hosts on a network by identifying the hosts that include a specified port open or respond to certain pings.
  • Determining the hardware characteristics of network devices and the operating system means that it features OS detection abilities.
  • It has the ability to enumerate the open ports that it has found on target hosts, so port scanning is another feature that this program integrates.
  • The Nmap Scripting Engine and the Lua programming language allow it to have scriptable interaction with the target.


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