Halo Game Creators Release First iPad App Game

There as been released a new game on the market, the Crimson: Steam Pirates. It’s an amazing iPad app that keeps you focused on this strategy game, where you have to pass several levels, based on the story of Thomas Blood, an old steampunk pirate.

Crimson: Steam Pirates is full of adventure, having eight exclusive levels at the price of only 1.99 dollars. Achieve excellency and joy with this funny iPad app. In this package, there is also included the second chapter of the store, a sequel that ensures you of the continuance of this game. How cool is that? You practically get two games at the price of a single one and they are also famous among people who have already tried them. You get to navigate a ship and fight with encountered ships, capture treasures and people. You can be an aggressive pirate or simply perform a well based strategy. Either way, you will have fun with this iPad app and this is a fact!

These 16 missions you have to fulfill during the first two chapters of this iPad game, will make you crave for more adventure, for you get to have a cool feature installed on your tablet and it will make you want to get quickly at the end of the story. Players already hope that the developers will generate as well a multiplayer session so have more fun beating their own friends and conquer the seas.

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