Handy guide on hunting for the best meals on vacation 


Many of us tend to go forget about healthy food choices when on vacation and indulge in more or less (particularly less) healthy courses. Of course, finding affordable food is not a problem. Fast food is the go-to alternative for many of us, but in many cases, this option is responsible for various digestive issues that have the potential of ruining our one-week vacation. One advice, however, has the ability to keep us from the Emergency room and food poisoning crisis: choose the restaurants where you eat wisely. On the other hand, by eating whatever you find, you lose some of the greatest part of a memorable vacation: the delicious local food, made from fresh, local ingredients. But don’t take our word for it. Have you ever heard somebody telling you how great their McChicken was on that amazing trip they took a couple of years ago? How about the great experience your good friends had at that amazing Restaurant Guernsey located, serving only fresh food courses? You might have heard something similar… If you want to be that modern family, eating healthy even on vacation, we have a couple of tips for you below.

Your vacation is special. Try a special food philosophy for it

Take a deep breath and think about it. What kind of places do you need to see? What kind of places do you want to avoid? See what food specific has the area you will be visiting. Is it by the sea? Then the freshest food you will get there will be fish based. Consider your budget per meal as well. High-end restaurants will have pricey food and most probably smallish portions. Are you willing to sacrifice the quantity over the expensive décor? If not, you might want to try a local restaurant, offering generous courses that look amazing as well. Also, consider the atmosphere you are searching for. High-end restaurants will have an uptight and intimidating atmosphere. On the other hand, local restaurants will most probably give you the opportunity to interact with friendly, yet polite staff, other visitors and locals. Starting from these coordinates, develop your philosophy in terms of food.

Do your research beforehand

Thank God, we now have access to the Holy Internet and to the Omniscient Facebook! With your philosophy in mind, start doing your research. Based on the area you plan to visit, narrow your search for the healthiest restaurants. Visit forums and see what experience others had at those particular restaurants. Then visit the Facebook pages of the restaurants that you are particularly interested in. See what their staff is like, what their average response period to the messages is, how their food courses are looking like. Appealing courses, friendly staff and relatively short response periods are what you are looking for. Also, look at the restaurant’s friend list. Most likely, you will find there some of their collaborators. See if they are local producers of various kinds. Search for anglers, farmers and wine producers. If you find such friends on their list, go ahead and visit the place. It will be worth it. Also, look at other social media platforms the restaurant might have. There you will find other opinions and you will see the general attitude the restaurant has towards the clients and the food they cook. If they are truly passionate about their work and food in general, you might want to visit that place.

Always keep it local

Large restaurant chains sometimes charge for the name of the franchise, have small serving portions. Most of the times you don’t know who their suppliers are, how fresh the food is, and the location itself might be intimidating. Also, if you choose large restaurant chains you will forbid yourself for having a taste for the authentic local food, prepared with local fresh ingredients and using traditional techniques. Small local restaurants oftentimes offer a unique experience and fresh ingredients, meals cooked by local chefs, trained in the spirit of the region. This is your best alternative especially for fish lovers since it always has to be fresh in order to be completely safe to ingest. After all, you are searching for healthy food courses, not for methods of reaching the Emergency room in two simple steps. Locals know it best. The meat and fish in such restaurants most probably will always be fresh, the vegetables and fruits grew local and without chemicals, the wine from local vineyards. Al these are the perfect way for making sure you nourish your body properly and you get some great shots for your Instagram as well! It’s all about local restaurants, lately! On great option that we recommend is the The Hook in Guernsey.

Leave a couple of meals unplanned and be your own Anthony Bourdain

Remember that guy who was traveling the world to find the best local meals? The guy having a love affair with wine, a strong hate for karaoke and quite a colourful vocabulary? Of course, he had a slight idea of where he should be eating for his TV show, but oftentimes he just went ahead, asked the locals for their recommendations in terms of best street food and local restaurants and he went for it. Yes, he was eating a bunch of weird creatures, and you don’t necessary have to do so. After all, you only want to keep eating healthy when on vacation, not to test your limits. But this tactic can be applied by you as well. Go ahead and ask the locals where you can find the freshest and healthiest local food. They know best. Always.

These are a couple of tips on how you can keep eating great healthy food even while on vacation. However, don’t stress too much about this aspect. As long as you are not eating at McDonald’s and you try local food, you will be just fine. We say you should try the local food at local restaurants because this will make your experience in the chosen destination whole. Food is an important element of a successful vacation and you shouldn’t forget about it.

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