Have you heard about the levitating sound speaker?

Technology has the habit of bringing something new and interesting almost every single day, but it rather difficult to keep up with all the new arrivals. They come in a great number and some of them almost seem incredibly complex, hard to find an actual utility in the everyday life. However, among these rather Sci-Fi gadgets, there are some that are quite fun to use and can be used to complete regular purposes. For instance, if you are in the middle of something like preparing dinner and the phone rings, you don’t have to force yourself to hold on to the phone to answer it. All you need is a Bluetooth gadget that could be connected to the smartphone, permitting you to carry on with your activity and take the call. So, these being said, have you heard about the levitating sound speaker? If not, then here are three relevant facts about this gadget.

The long battery life

Well, this might sound a bit strange, considering that so far you have been used with gadgets and tech products with an incredible number of functions, but with a rather short battery life. The levitating sound speaker comes to show you that things can be different. You can everything you wanted, which is a high tech gadget, with several functions and a long batter life. In other words, you can call or answer calls, listen to music for a long time, before you have to recharge the battery.

Futuristic design

The first time you take a good look at the levitating speaker you are impressed by its design. This is futuristic gadget. It is quite simple, giving you the impression that you are in some kind of a Sci-Fi movie, just waiting for R2-D2 to appear from around the corner and deliver a message. The speaker is quite impressive, you may rest assured of this fact and it would make a nice addition to your gadget collection.

Bluetooth technology, easy to use

So, what about it’s manner of use? How difficult is it? Well, you must think that because the gadget resembles a lost item of the Galaxy, it must be difficult to use. If so, then you are wrong. The levitating speaker has Bluetooth technology incorporated making it is extremely simple to use when having to connect it to other devices that have the same technology. You simply have to turn it on and set the desired volume. Once you have completed these two steps, you can listen to music, carry long conversations with friends and family, while completing other activities as well.

This is the levitating sound speaker a fun looking gadget, useful and very simple to have fun with. It could make a great addition to your collection, but at the same time it could make a fun present for someone you know is in love with technology. So keep this gadget in mind and consider it when the time comes, perhaps at the next birthday party, surprising the guests.

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