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Health Benefits of Using a Water Ionizer

A water ionizer is a household appliance that you attach to the kitchen faucet to treat the tap water with an electrical current and minerals in order to produce alkaline water.
As you will see in the following lines, there are many health benefits that come from using a water ionizer and drinking ionized water instead of regular water, therefore read them and make an investment in your health by buying a water ionizer.

Better hydration

Water molecules don’t come in single molecules but rather in clusters, meaning that regular water doesn’t get easily absorbed into the cells due to the fact that it has 12-16 molecules of water per cluster. On the other hand, ionized water has 5-8 molecules per cluster, being easier for the cells to absorb it, and giving you a better hydration due to its size. If you read some water ionizer reviews, you will see that most of the people who have used them noticed the signs of a better hydration, as their skin and their hair felt softer and their nails got stronger.

Cancer prevention

The most important benefit of using a water ionizer is that drinking the ionized water it produces that has strong antioxidant properties will help you prevent the appearance of cancer, which is one of the deadliest diseases.
It’s able to fight off the appearance of cancer by preventing the free radicals to damage your cells, and it alters their DNA to neutralize and eliminate them, creating new oxygen molecules at the same time to improve your body functions.

Weight loss

If you have battled with extra weight, then you are surely going to enjoy this benefit of consuming alkaline ionized water, more precisely the boost it delivers in the weight loss process. Find out in the following how alkaline water helps, and some useful indications regarding when you should consume it for optimal results.

  • Drink a full glass of ionized water before every meal to feel full faster;
  • Alkaline water helps lube your joints, thus helping you work out for longer hours without feeling pain;
  • It revitalizes your metabolism, helping you shed pounds faster than ever;
  • Over-hydrates you to give you a big boost of energy each day;
  • Helps your digestive tract work properly, thus supporting the beneficial bacteria that reside in it and help maintain your figure.

Improved cardiovascular system

As medical researchers show, heart disease is correlated with oxidative damage among other things, meaning that the free radicals that are produced by your normal oxygen metabolism cause damage to the cardiovascular system, making heart disease a very likely affliction.
Ionized water is able to neutralize and eliminate these harmful free radicals, as mentioned before, therefore its consumption will improve your cardiovascular system and help fight heart disease.

Beautiful skin

We are all concerned about the way we look, and fortunately, ionized water can help improve the quality of our skin and remove certain imperfections like fine wrinkles. Due to the fact that ionized water is rich in antioxidants, regularly washing with it and drinking it will lead to the removal of fine wrinkles and it will make you look younger as well.


Taking in consideration all the health benefits that we have mentioned, it’s better to put some money aside and save up for a water ionizer, ensuring a better health for yourself and your family members, all of this being made possible only by switching from regular water to ionized water. When you are ready to make this investment, read some water ionizer reviews in order to see which is the most efficient ionizer.

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