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Do you want your home to look chic and inviting? Well, maybe it is time for some redecoration. So, take a look at some high fashion home design magazines, share your opinions with an interior decorator and get to work!

Speaking of high fashion home design ideas, we have gathered a few models of some gorgeous and extremely fashionable interior designs for your home. All you need to do is take a look at the following pictures to get inspired while reading the whole article on this subject.

Even Mother Nature can be a great supplier of unique home decor ideas which inspire a sense of high fashion. Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries have such tasty succulent colors that you can almost taste when only thinking about them. You first need to decide on the color you choose for the interior design of your home. Let us give you a tip: ask yourself which fruit gum is your favorite. All berry shades have as a basis the color red; therefore, you can add your chosen accents around a scheme of red color. To give you an example: a blueberry pillow will impeccably balance a sofa covered in red fabric. If you are a fan of blackberries, thus preferring deeper blue hues, then you should take into account that this color works well in creating contrast with dark colored materials, such as granite or slate. If perhaps you are a more peaceful person, who enjoys pastel pallets, then you should probably opt for the luxurious, delicious strawberry accents that contrast a simple interior painted in white.

However, monochrome is a trend this season, as well. So, if it this style has a huge impact on the catwalks, it will surely have the same impact on your living room, or any room of your home, for that matter. Therefore, start de-cluttering your home of excess colors and consider some unique home decor ideas in monochromatic shades.

Giancarlo Vegni, the Italian industrial designer can create minimalist classics that remain in the fashion trends regardless of the passing of time. His creations are permeated with comfort and exquisite sense of luxury. Giancarlo Vegni has been one of the main figures in the Italian design industry since the 1960s, his groundbreaking attitude has enabled him to set the pace for the international fashion trends and his work was extremely influential to high fashion home designs. The materials used by Vegni are of the finest quality and improve the distinct features of every cautiously designed piece: handmade leathers, marble. and stainless steel. No matter what he creates, you can surely trust Vegni when it comes to furniture, kitchen fittings, bathroom fittings, and many other accessories for your home. He is truly a must in the world of interior home design.

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