Hiking Checklist

Hiking is a recreational activity for adventurers and also a sport of physical resistance. This activity is to enjoy nature and outdoor walks. People practice hiking for two reasons: to reconnect with nature and to exercise. The reason why this activity is better than indoor sports such as womens fitness is due to the fact that you work your body, while breathing clean air and feeding your soul with amazing landscapes. Walking can be a good activity for our health, and hiking to the mountain and its surroundings: valleys, rivers, lakes, trees, wildlife, etc., becomes one of the most rewarding sports that we can do to enjoy the view of beautiful landscapes, to be in full contact with nature while keeping physically fit.

Practicing this activity, you will enter into the exciting world of the mountains and their environment and enjoy nature. For those who are planning on going hiking sometime soon, here is a hiking checklist, which will help you not to forget all the necessary things for this activity.

Your hiking checklist must include the following items: documents and money: copy of passport; cash to pay the park entrance and guides, if necessary; items to keep the money (credit cards, money belt, etc.). Moreover, the essential equipment for hiking should include: backpack, airtight plastic bags to keep cameras and other equipment dry, sunscreen (water resistant), lipstick with sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent and extra repellents, camera with sufficient battery and free memory, lamp or flashlight with extra batteries, compass and / or GPS device, map, a knife or multipurpose tool, matches, lighters, watch, first aid kit, personal medications, bottles of water, water filter or tablets for water purification, food, refreshments, trash bags, toilet paper, towel.

Other things your hiking checklist should include are the optional equipment: binoculars, whistle, books (bilingual dictionary, hiking guide, etc.), and the essential clothing: plastic bags to keep clothes dry, hat, waterproof, umbrella, warm pants, warm sweater, waterproof pants, waterproof gloves, long sleeve shirt and short sleeve shirt, shorts to walk, socks, underwear, sleep clothes, shoes or hiking boots (in the wilderness of rainforests, rubber boots can be very useful), comfortable shoes to rest in the campsite.

This hiking checklist contains the necessary and useful things for hiking, but there is no need to take everything suggested here. In addition, choose clothes according to the season, in this regard, wear lightweight, breathable and very comfortable clothes for hiking. Though womens fitness clothes are ideal for summer hikes you should also be prepared for unexpected whether changes. During the trip, even in summer, you should not expose your body parts to the sun (legs and arms), it is best to protect them, wearing very light clothes. It is also convenient to use sticks, one in each hand, this will help you in your walking and apart from providing more security and balance, sticks will be very useful to descend, resting parts of your body (especially the knees ), and allowing you to also work the arms and upper trunk.

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