10 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

The holiday season is here and with just a few more days left to shop, we decided to put together a last-minute gift guide, specifically for the entrepreneurs on your list. Entrepreneurs can be the hardest group to buy gifts for, as they tend to buy what they want and they are very particular when it comes to the products they use.

There are some old staples on the list, as well as some new and creative ideas, all of which would be a great last-minute idea, as well as a gift that is sure to put a smile on their face. Don’t take the easy way out and give them a gift card, as that shows you put zero thought into the process. Take a look at this list and see if one of these ten ideas sparks an idea.

  1. External storage.

With the trend shifting towards small thin laptops, it has created a much need for more storage space. “While thin laptops are great for traveling, as they are light and take up almost no space, it greatly reduces the amount of storage space you have,” says Christopher Kerr, VP of Marketing at Earnhardt Auto Centers. “If you are doing video editing or dealing with large files, then large external hard drives are a great addition.”

Just as laptops have become more travel friendly, so have external drives. There are many available options that have plenty of storage and are thin enough to toss in your laptop back without hardly noticing they are there. This gift will allow your entrepreneur to easily handle all of their data storage needs.

  1. An Apple watch.

The new generation of Apple watches have so many features, making it the perfect gift for any entrepreneur on your holiday list. You can now essentially have a mini iPhone strapped to your wrist, giving you even more mobility and ability to work on the go than before.

“There are many options available, but I would suggest the one with voice capability. The carriers have deals on the coverage if added to an existing plan, and the ability to take calls on your watch is very convenient,” says John Stacy, VP of Sales and Marketing at Peek’s Floor Co. “While it feels a bit strange at first, you quickly become comfortable with it and it is likely to be your main communication device.”

  1. Whiteboard.

If there is one universal gift that every entrepreneur will love, it’s a whiteboard. If you are stuck for ideas, get a large whiteboard for their office wall. Even if they already have one, they will welcome another one with open arms. You can never have enough whiteboards.

“Most entrepreneurs I know would put a whiteboard on every available empty wall if they could,” says Raz Klinghoffer of Raz Klinghoffer Music Studios. “Nothing is more convenient that being able to jot down ideas or put goals and task lists right in front of you, where you are forced to look at them all day.”

  1. Extra batteries for all electronics.

You have to buy batteries for kids toys during the holidays, and they are also a great gift for the entrepreneurs on your list, although they are slightly different.

“Everything from digital cameras to external microphones take batteries,” explains David Sessford, Managing Director of Ready Steady Sell. “With so many businesses creating video content and using point-and-shoot cameras along with more advanced vlogging cameras, it’s created a need for spare batteries.” Go for batteries made by the manufacturer rather than generics, as they tend to be much better and well worth the cost.

  1. Fitbit.

Fitness is something that many entrepreneurs want to focus on, but they get sucked into their work and put it on the backburner. “Something like a Fitbit is a great tool to help keep fitness on your mind,” says Ricky So, founder of Bitesize Digital Creative Agency. “Something as simple as making sure you get 10,000 steps in daily can have a positive impact on your health, so it’s a very thoughtful gift.

A Fitbit is something that can be used by people of all fitness skill levels, from someone that just wants to track daily activity in terms of steps to those that want to see how their sleep patterns are or how much activity is recorded during specific exercises.

  1. Universal power adaptor.

Do you have an entrepreneur on your holiday gift list that does a lot of international traveling? If so, a universal power adaptor is the perfect gift. “Not only is a power adaptor affordable, but it’s something that every international traveler can never have enough of,” says Jonathan Rolande, Director of House Buy Fast. “They are often forgotten at home or even left at hotels. Even if they already have one, a backup is always welcomed.”

Nothing is worse than arriving overseas after a long flight only to realize that you forgot your power adaptor at home and trying to find one to buy. It will be one of the most appreciated gifts for all of the traveling entrepreneurs on your list.

  1. iPad

An iPad has always been a popular holiday gift for anyone, not just entrepreneurs, but the new generation one with the pencil is very appealing and a great gift option. “Entrepreneurs love small, light and mobile, which is exactly what an iPad is,” says Chris Moberg, President of Slumber Search. “Now with the pencil option it makes it even more versatile and easy to work on while traveling.”

If you do decide to get an iPad for the entrepreneur on your list make sure you also pick up a keyboard option. There are many small light foldable keyboards available that turn the iPad into a little computer, making it a great travel option.

  1. Digital Camera

While the cameras on mobile phone have gotten much better over the years, digital cameras are picking up popularity again. “Creating video content and social media content is a must-do these days, so a separate camera for this is welcomed,” says the owner of Heavenly Care Movers Austin. “This is especially hand if you have an employee in charge of creating video or image content for you.”

There are two types of digital cameras to consider. The small and portable point-and-shoot models, which also can do video. These are great for little vlogs and still images, and then there are the larger cameras that the more serious vloggers are using, like the Cannon 80D model. It really comes down to what you want to spend.

  1. Wireless headphones.

There isn’t an entrepreneur on the planet that would turn away a new paid or wireless headphones. “Wireless headphones are great for listening to podcasts, listening to music while you work, taking calls, etc.,” says Kate Moore of Parked In Paradise. “I would make sure they are noise cancelling as well, as that feature makes them so much better.”

There are a few leaders in the space, namely Beats and Bose, but don’t be afraid to opt for a more affordable pair, as you are typically paying for the name brand. There are several high quality more affordable options available.

  1. New laptop.

Remember when laptops cost thousands of dollars? Well, that is not the case any longer. “There are so many affordable options that are just a few hundred dollars and come with a lot of performance,” says the owner of Lawsuit Legal, an online resource that explains what a foreclosure attorney can do for you. “Now, with technology rapidly changing it’s wiser to buy lower priced models, which allows you to upgrade to new ones more often.”

The mega electronics retailers like Best Buy will often have unbelievable sales close to the holidays, and you can find very good laptops for around $300. These are good models that will satisfy the needs of most users. Now, if someone is a professional photo editor or a video editor, they might require a bit more memory, but for the average user they are sufficient.

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